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Why Crocs Are the Shoes of 2021

If you’re like me and you’ve ever made the mistake of going barefoot in your uni kitchen, this is the article for you. Crocs are debatably one of the most controversial types of footwear, and love them or hate them, they’re making a comeback. I’m about to explain just what makes their resurgence so strong.

Their versatility

Have you ever wanted a shoe that allows you not only to splash around in puddles, but also feel a cool summer breeze? One that you can pop on in the morning to go to the kitchen, and also wear on your weekly trip to Sainsbury’s? Crocs are the answer! They provide the perfect mix of comfort and practicality you didn’t know you needed, all year round.

They can look good when styled correctly (I swear)

Not only have crocs been all over Instagram recently, with the likes of Ariana Grande donning them, but they’ve also released collaborations, including with designer Nicole McLaughlin, and have been seen on the Balenciaga runway. On top of that, the range of colours means you can style them with anything, from a bright yellow croc with a maxi-dress to a pastel pink one with a pair of jeans.


In a similar vein to my last point, the options for customising your crocs with jibbitz seem endless. Whether it’s a more toned down and stylish look you’re going for or an over-the-top colourful mess (it’s the latter, for me), you’ll have a hard time finding shoes that can make more of a personal statement. There’s even a bottle opener jibbit!


My final, and arguably most important point is that whether or not you had crocs when you were younger, their energy is enough to make you feel like a kid again. They remind me to not take anything too seriously and just have fun, which I think we could all do with a bit more of!

I hope this list has persuaded you to pick up some crocs for yourself. I personally can’t wait to see their popularity in 2021!

Katie May

Bristol '22

Katie is a psychology student and lifestyle editor, currently in her second year at the University of Bristol.
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