Weird Food Combinations That Actually Work


Being on a student budget is tough. You come home from a night out with nothing but a jar of marmite and a can of beans in your cupboard; what a sorry sight. When you need food, but have nothing that “traditionally” tastes good together, you may feel down heartened, popping over to Taka Taka and spending the rest of your student loan on a magic roll.  A tragic night.

There is light at the end of the tunnel. There are a plethora of incredible food combinations that are recently becoming known that may save you in your hour of need. Below, are some great ones that I have tried, and thoroughly recommend.

1. Peanut Butter and Gherkins

Ok, bare with me on this one. When my flatmate first suggested I try this, I turned my nose up too. The sharpness of the pickle really adds a refreshing taste to the PB, and actually really works! This is genuinely one of the best surprises I’ve had – maybe my life is a little boring?                                                                                                                                 

2. Vanilla Ice cream and soy sauce

Soy sauce is a cupboard staple, so this one is super easy to do. The sweet and salty combo is well known after the rise of Salted Caramel in EVERYTHING, and soy sauce with vanilla ice cream works on the same principle.

3. Popcorn and hot sauce

This is perhaps one of the least strange food combos on this list. This is very tasty, and I recommend either tabasco or Cholula hot sauce for this, though something more basic like Sriracha also works.

4. Marmite with Pasta and Cheese

So this is my favourite budget meal after a night out. If you’ve never tried marmite and cheese before, then you’re missing a trick (I recommend marmite and cheese on crumpets), but adding this combo to pasta gives you a fortifying meal to line your stomach before a classic night in SWX. And if chef Nigella Lawson does it, then so can you!

5. Grilled cheese and apple sauce

While apple sauce isn’t generally a student staple to have hanging around, if you fancy mixing up your grilled cheese, apple sauce is a great choice. Fruit and cheese is an age-old combination, so this really works. However, if you fancy something a little less adventurous, I recommend adding caramelised onions, or dipping your grilled cheese in tomato soup.

6. Peanut butter and Bacon

You may have heard of this one already, and if not you will have heard of the recent peanut butter in burger trend. The saltiness of the bacon really compliments the nutty peanut butter; and if you’re feeling super adventurous, pair these with banana in a sandwich for the Elvis Presley classic!

7. Hot sauce and Cauliflower

Vegans unite! This is a great vegan snack, which I often have as a take on fried chicken and hot sauce, and it is truly delicious.

8. Instant noodles and Cheese

A classic. This uses foods that are a staple in a student diet, and is a great way to end a night out. For an even more exciting kick, add kimchi and the juices for a sweet and sour combo.

9. Oreos and Orange Juice

This may sound diabolical, but think about it. Chocolate and orange are a classic combination, world loved with a Terry’s Chocolate Orange at Christmas time. Therefore, the chocolatey Oreos mixed with orange juice is a great combination. Its also Vegan, so give this cruelty-free snack a try!​

10. Milkshakes or Ice cream with Chips

This one probably needs no introduction. We’ve all heard of the humble McDonalds chips dipped in milkshake, and some may have even ventured into the McFlurry territory too. You can replicate this tried and tested combination at home with ice cream and chips, but it isn’t as tasty as McDonalds.

11. Peanut butter and Mayonnaise sandwich

I have saved the weirdest until last. The others on this list are universally delicious, but this one, I must admit, is an acquired taste. This is particularly popular in the US, below the Mason-Dixon line. If you want to ease yourself into this one, have peanut butter and mayo in a burger, but so many people swear by this combination, so certainly give it a go.