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Wait – Mother’s Day is this Sunday?! Gift Guide

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bristol chapter.

I think I’m probably not alone in saying that, now that I’m a student, unless something is reported on the Daily Mail Online or there’s a quiz about it on Buzzfeed, I probably don’t know it’s happening. About a week ago, one of my housemates asked me when Mother’s Day was, and I replied that I was pretty sure it was in May (my bad).

It’s still not too late to send a gift, though, and here are a few ideas:

#1 Himalayan Detox Bath Salts £10 

Help her forget the stress of having children.

#2 Nuxe 24hr Moisturising Body Lotion £10.66 

Because French mothers are #flawless – escentual.com is currently offering discounts on all French pharmacy products.

#3 White Tea and Jasmine Scented Candle £12.45 

A handmade candle is a nod to the days of your art class gifts of yore.

#4 Heart Shaped Cheddar £11.95 (also available at Better Foods on Whiteladies Road) 

Well, my mother thinks these are pretty great…

#5 A Chocolate Selection

These Lindor Milk Truffles are perfect for any chocolate lover.

#6 Flowers! 

What mother wouldn’t be proud to receive a beautiful bouquet from her beautiful offspring?


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Georgie is a second year German and Russian student at the University of Bristol, though her favourite language is Swedish. She spends far too much money on makeup and magazines. Her dream is to win Mastermind.