Trump: Made in Mexico

From a fashion perspective, anyone who chooses to buy a suit designed by Donald Trump most probably needs a little style advice in life. I mean, who in their right mind would hold Trump on a pedestal as their fashion icon? The shiny suits, the garish ties, the fake tan stains on the collar- it’s not an ideal look. Taking a look at Amazon where he sells these unfortunate designs it’s clear that others are beginning to feel the same with prices depreciation massively from around $650 to $108- but I guess if your a fan, that’s great, you can get 6 suits for the price of 1!

However, the expensive price tag and outdated styles of the TV mogul turned POTUS’s suits are not the only problem. Trump does hypocrisy at its finest, with recent claims that his fashion line is in fact MADE IN MEXICO, the very country he wishes to build a giant wall around. Many of his product as are also made far overseas in countries like Indonesia and China (who he continuously seems to annoy), or simply state ‘imported’ on websites where they are sold. We are not the only ones surprised but this revelation with Cara Delevingne posting evidence on her Instagram last week of a Jacket label from Trump’s ‘Signature Collection’, simply but aptly captioned: ‘Really…?!?!’

The hypocrisy continues further in that this out of USA manufacturing goes directly against his policies of ‘Making America Great (hate) Again’, by not only signing executive orders to begin the construction of the Mexican boarder to phase out immigration and job seekers, but also his withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) which allows easy trade between foreign countries. There’s no denying that Trump has benefited from this partnership and over-seas production methods in relation to his clothing line (who is even buying this stuff?!). The fact he has been able to manufacture in countries with cheaper production costs has meant that unfortunately for his credibility and anyone who can appreciate good style, his suits have been let loose. The residing question we are left with is: where will Trump get his suits made now? Getting them made in America will perhaps give a few people a job, if they are willing to share responsibility for these hideous designs, but will increase the costs ten fold, meaning less profit for Trump. I guess the only positive thing to come out of this is that Trump suits may soon be eradicated for good, with the leftover stock being sold to die hard fans or for those looking for an uncanny halloween costume!

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