Themes and Tips for Flat Nights In

With the UK being in lockdown we need to start thinking of new ways to stay entertained through the couple of months we have left being stuck at home. Staying in may not top Gravity Mondays or having dinner out at your favourite restaurant, but a themed night can definitely change things up! Whether a flatmate’s birthday is coming up or you just feel like having a good time, these are some tips for throwing the best flats nights in!

  1. 1. Movie night

    Ok, let’s start with the classic movie night. The first task is choosing the film. A comedy may be perfect to lighten the mood during this pandemic, or maybe a horror to make things more interesting. If you and your flatmates can’t decide on what to put on the TV, let Netflix do its job and watch whatever is on your recommended list!   One of the best parts of going to the cinema is the snacks, so gather all your favourite crisps and sweets (popcorn is a must!). Don’t forget to put up some fairy lights and cuddle up in your softest blanket!

  2. 2. Self-care night

    Facemasks, nail polish, and good music. A self-care night is the perfect way to catch up with your flatmates and enjoy the best desserts. We all need a break sometimes!

  3. 3. Come Dine with Me: Flatmates edition

    Each week someone is in charge of food and entertainment. The prize? What about free drinks once pubs reopen?

  4. 4. A tropical-themed club night

    From flower garlands to umbrellas, there are some very cheap packs on amazon with all the decorations you need to make you feel like you're on a tropical island! You could also add a game of limbo, and try some new cocktails (or even better, create your own). For music, why not choose a summer playlist that reminds you of when you were on holiday? Finally, for the dress code, a lot of people will have a Hawaiian shirt in their closet, but if you don’t, any bright colour will do the trick!

  5. 5. Dress up as your favourite celebrity

    Everyone could dress up as their most listened music artist of the year, or a famous actor or TV personality!  

  6. 6. Recreate your most-watched TV show

    Everyone is assigned a different character that they have to dress up as. You could also decorate the flat! For a “Friends” theme night, why not transform your living room into Central Perk? For drinks, create cocktails inspired by the different characters.

  7. 7. Dress up as each other

    Everyone picks a name out of a hat. Whatever name you get is the person you have to become for the night. Dress like them, act like them, drink their usual drinks, and make the others guess who you got!

Although we have been in lockdown for longer than is ideal, there is light at the end of the tunnel! If we have learned something from being inside for so long, it's how to have fun and be more creative. I'm sure we'll also start to appreciate even more those messy nights out that we all miss.