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Some Things I’ll Miss About Bristol That You Should Make the Most of

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bristol chapter.

As my year abroad quickly approaches, I have had some time to reflect as it sets in that this academic year, I won’t be moving back to Bristol. Below I’ve listed some of the things I’ll miss most about this wonderful city.

  1. Her Campus Bristol socials, shameless plug, I know! But, being abroad renders my role remote, which is fairly handy for a Director of Social Media. However, I will definitely miss the socials and being able to put names to faces. So, make sure to get involved in these socials! I did mention this was a shameless plug.
  2. The University, and no, I don’t mean university work but rather the campus. Having started university in 2020, I wasn’t able to use the campus until my second year, and let me tell you, I will miss being able to stroll into senate house (maybe find a seat) and crack down on some work.
  3. The nightlife, although this doesn’t include every club in Bristol. Ignoring some which won’t be mentioned for legal reasons, the nightlife in Bristol is pretty decent and being able to walk home after a night out is something I’ll miss for sure, usually via a reputable kebab shop (once again for legal reasons I won’t be precise).
  4. Bristol Floating Harbour, there’s nothing quite like a brisk walk around the harbour to shake off the cobwebs. I’ll definitely miss this unique aspect of Bristol so, make sure to get in those walks (something which I regret not doing more of in my second year).
  5. Park Street, controversial I know and I’m not talking about the painful walk up. However, I will miss indulging in some passive shopping as I stroll to and from university.

This list definitely doesn’t do justice to how many things I’ll miss about Bristol. However, I hope these offer some inspiration for those starting at the university or, for people returning, who haven’t had the chance to visit some of these places. I’ll just keep on reminding myself that Bristol isn’t going anywhere in the meantime.

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Ella Boyce

Bristol '24

Hello, I'm a third-year English and French student at the University of Bristol currently on a year abroad in Paris. I have now been involved with Her Campus Bristol for three years, taking on the role of Director of Social Media this year.