Small Business Spotlight: Eat A Pitta

Founded in 2011, ‘Eat A Pitta’ remains a firm favourite among Bristol’s many falafel fanatics. The delicious food stations span four different locations (with a fifth opening soon) across the city, ensuring you’re never too far away from a fix. The business is so popular with locals it was named ‘Best Street Vendor’ at the 2019 ‘Bristol Loves’ awards, and we can see why! 

Originating in the backstreets of Algiers, ‘Eat A Pitta’ brings streetfood to Bristol in a way reminiscent of bustling markets in the sun. The plant-based menu revolves around authentic and flavoursome falafels, multicoloured salads, and of course, pitta bread. Staff compliment falafel and hummus with salad items (from Moroccan carrot to juicy chopped tomato and cucumber) which refuse to be sidelined, the days of the ‘wet lettuce’ are over! Indeed, the adjective ‘insane’ seems to be the most frequently used among friends who have tasted the food. 

Upon sampling their salad box from the Broadmead branch, I was overcome by the rich flavours. Unlike the many manifestations of ‘falafel’ found on supermarket shelves, ‘Eat A Pitta’’s are both delicious and healthy. The independent business centralises the importance of healthy eating in a society focusing increasingly less on nourishing food staples. What is more, the rise of vegan and vegetarianism (Bristol has repeatedly been voted the best city in the world for vegans) only serves to reiterate the demand. And yet, the heartiness of their produce ensures meat-eaters enjoy ‘Eat A Pitta’ just as much. There is something incredibly welcoming about both the friendly atmosphere and the wholesome food. 

CEO Kostas Giannakopoulos aptly characterises the business as “an ethical company serving healthy food, built on homegrown success.”. Certainly, providing an ethical service remains at the very heart of the company’s ethos. 99% of the packaging is completely compostable, and the move was recently made to 100% green energy across all ‘Eat A Pitta’ sites.  In keeping with this humanitarian focus, the business blogs about their charity and community work. Having raised money for both homelessness relief and the local children’s hospital, it is again clear that making a positive contribution is of undying importance to staff. 

‘Eat A Pitta’ continues to resonate with the people of Bristol for its attentive staff, environmental awareness and wonderful, filling food. Supporting local businesses is more important than ever during these perilous times, but I’m sure you won’t need much convincing with this one! Head down to the opening of their Clifton branch on the 28th of November, for 50% off to celebrate!


This article is part of themed content week collaborating with local businesses to promote shopping small and local during lockdown and beyond.