Secret Places to Study During Revision Period

If the upcoming essay deadlines and revision appear to you as one long dark tunnel, and you cannot currently envisage there being any light at the end of the long dark tunnel, you are not alone.

If you are also infuriated by the fact that there are no spaces to sit in the University’s libraries and designated study spaces, you are not alone. I recently found myself sitting on the floor of the Arts and Social Sciences library wondering why there wasn’t a single available chair at 11am in the morning. I sense I may not be alone in feeling that the packed study spaces increase anxiety levels over revision period.  

So here is a compiled collection of my six favourite study spots. They are more commonly known as cafés that serve good food and drink and have a comforting buzz which is quiet enough that you can still work well. And most importantly, they have never been so packed that I can’t find a quiet corner where I can carry out the main activities in my life at the moment: studying and procrastinating


1. Café Kino (BS1 3RU)

Stoke Croft’s favourite vegan café has been a second year discovery for me. Order the yummy sweet potato fries or a milkshake, or both! And best of all, there are large tables to spread out all your work (just don’t spill your milkshake on it).

(Photo Credit: Coffee Spot) 


2. Boston Tea Party Gloucester Road (BS7 8PE)

Boston Tea Party is brilliant, which is why it is so popular. The branch on Park Street is generally packed with up to a 40 minute wait for food which tries anyone’s patience, even if the brunch is really good! But the Boston Tea Party on Gloucester Road is quiet, not filled with students, and has plush red booths in which you can happily while away a few hours.

(Photo Credit: Trip Advisor) 


3. The Arts House (BS1 3RU)

Next to Café Kino is a quiet, quirky hideout. Picture antiquated chairs and tables, soft background music, a brilliant selection of teas and paninis that makes the Source café’s baguettes pale in comparison. It is a brilliant place to study when you really need some peace and don’t want to be disturbed. Plus, it opens till late if you are a night worker!

(Photo Credit: The Arts House)


4. Brew (BS8 2LS)

Brilliant coffee. Go there if you need a caffeine kick when you only have 24 hours to write a 3,000 word essay. Plus, the large outside seating area makes you feel like you are not enclosed in a dungeon. Then of course you only have to deal with the personal work dungeon which you are trapped in. Solution: buy more coffee. And cake.

(Photo Credit: Trip Advisor) 


5. Lashings (BS6 6TB)

This really is a hidden gem. Large brown sofas and dining tables make you feel like you could be at someone’s home, which is comforting in the midst of working. Also there to provide comfort are fresh salted caramel brownies. An illustration of ducks flying upwards on the wall makes me feel hopeful even when everything workwise seems to be going downhill. Plus there are salted caramel brownies. And really good coffee. And did I mention those salted caramel brownies?

(Photo Credit: Facebook) 


6. Marmalade (BS8 2UF)

Nestled on a side road off Whiteladies, this orange coloured café won’t fail to make your day a bit brighter, even if you are working. Beautiful latte art and brunches that look almost too good to eat. Art appears everywhere you look (handy if you need something to gaze at during a daydream). And they have a dog. Called Doris. Also known as The Marmalade Dog. Also known as the cutest animal on earth.


(Photo Credit: Facebook)