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Sally Patterson for Bristol’s ELA Officer

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bristol chapter.

As part of Bristol University’s Student Union elections, Sally Patterson is running for Equality Liberations, Access Officer. She has been a hugely influential feminist activist on campus and, as a result, I asked if she would detail for Her Campus the cause behind her campaign and why we should vote for her:

This year, as Chair of the Women’s Network, I’ve started tackling the problems thousands of students face at Bristol. Sexual harassment is an everyday experience for far too many, in clubs, lectures or on the street.

Working with Bristol Zero Tolerance, I have lobbied nightclubs and bars to sign the pledge, and ensure that their venues are safe. I have also pushed the SU and University to implement Good Night Out training, both within the Balloon Bar, bars in Halls of Residences and venues used for Sports Night, such as Gravity.

Good Night Out is a renowned organisation, which trains venues in how to appropriately deal with reports of harassment and assault, and very exciting, we held an initial meeting with them last week.

I’ve had the honour to be involved with a joint initiative between Bristol SU and University, Bath Uni and Union and UWE. These have allowed me to be in the room where ideas and suggestions have been discussed about how best to challenge sexual violence on our campuses.

However, these forums were also painfully eye-opening to how far behind Bristol is lagging compared with the others. With no Consent classes or Bystander Intervention workshops for Freshers, no trained staff or councillors for survivors, and not even a reporting system, it’s really quite shocking.

This year I’ve found it incredibly frustrating that I couldn’t be doing more. Not just because I’m trying to balance being a student with being a part-time Officer, but also because many of the changes that needed to be made were out of my control.

Based on my experience this year, I know what we need is an SU that will work for every student. With my experience, dedication and commitment to addressing students’ diverse needs. Most importantly, I will be sure to bring everyone’s agenda to the table, not mine.”

Voting is open from Tuesday 13th of March to Thursday the 15th.

See below to read Sally’s fully written manifesto and the link to vote for your next ELA officer!


Zoe Thompson

Bristol '18

President of Her Campus Bristol.