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23 years after Princess Diana’s untimely death, her style legacy has seen a resurgence that has no doubt coincided with Netflix’s release of season four of The Crown. Despite the fact that we live in an age with an insatiable appetite for fast fashion and the latest trends, Diana and her outfits have garnered a new legion of fans within the fashion world that are hooked. And why is this so? As the woman affectionately labelled ‘the people’s princess’, her non-royal ancestry made her seem far more relatable to the masses, as did her difficult marriage to Prince Charles. This meant that she became an incredibly influential figure within the royal family, in both her work as a humanitarian and as a style icon. Perhaps the reason her style was so impactful was because of how un-royal her fashion was, with bold prints and short sleeve dresses that reflected her more down to earth persona. Her clothes also acted as an impactful communication tool - her iconic ‘Revenge Dress’ (a black, off-the-shoulder dress Diana wore the day Prince Charles confessed to his affair with Camilla Parker Bowles) is widely remembered to this day and the fact that she never wore gloves as she wanted to touch and hold people’s hands reinforced the message that Diana in both her character and her fashion were not to be forgotten. Echoes of Diana’s Style can clearly be seen in the recent trends, showing the true power of her style influence. 

1. The Oversized Blazer 

  Diana’s off-duty style has had strong influence over some of the most popular trends in the current fashion world, including her frequent wear of oversized blazers. They have certainly become a staple in modern day style, allowing a casual outfit to become smarter and sharper. The typically masculine silhouette can be given a feminine edge and acts as a symbol of empowerment, particularly for working women. Using clothes to act as method of liberation was key for Diana, and they have now become a fashion staple  

2. The Patterned Jumper 

 Diana was often fond of wearing jumpers that had a bold and vibrant print on them. A remake of her red and white sheep pattern jumper shows the true weight she holds in the fashion industry, for it was recently re-released by the brand ‘Rowing Blazers’ and it sold out in no time. Now, as winter is approaching, jumpers are making a strong comeback, especially in the form of either sweater vests or in a bold print, and it seems that Diana played a large role in making them fashionable.  

3. Puff Sleeves

 From her wedding dress to a casual outfit, Diana was a big fan of puffed sleeves, a trend that she has strongly influenced to this current day. They have fast become a fashion favourite in their resurgence due to the versatility of them - they can be made casual if worn with a pair of jeans, or dressed up- as Diana was often fond of wearing them, demonstrated by the variety of dresses she wore that featured this type of sleeve. They allow a classier and more elegant look, which were real key features of Diana’s style and have since carried over into present day.  

4. Large Collar Blouses

Since season 4 of The Crown has aired, the interest in oversized and large collar blouses has dramatically peaked thanks to Diana’s fondness for them. They were a true hallmark of 80s style and several of her shirts, dresses and coats were adorned with them. The trend has made a huge comeback in the way they allow a dressed down look to still have a chic element to them, and they have even become prominent in the royal family once again – Princess Kate has been a fan recently of oversized peter pan collars, emphasising Diana’s fashion legacy.

Diana’s style influence can be felt universally, in both streetwear and high fashion. She had a wardrobe to suit all tastes, and perhaps that’s why her legacy in the fashion world has managed to continue so strongly, and why more legions of fans are still to come. 

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