Poem per week: Tube by Rosa Stevens



Crackling heat on a muggy day.

Sudden jolts calm the senses.

The mundane outlook excites.

Ordinary lives intrigue.


Clashing doors.

Blending people.

The detached pace of an unexpected sanctuary.

A thousand thoughts tumble through the carriage.

Pieces get knocked together.

A story forms and is played out on the floor-


Eyes. You catch them.

Just for a second. Then gone


And on.

Tracks scrape. Lights flash.

People move and rearrange,

Burrowing through the crowd.

Eyes wander back.

In this confusion a moment of peace breaks upon their meeting.


Warm air rises to fuzzy thoughts.


Static heat brightens the senses.

Mirrored doubles of yourself appear more alive than before.

Many possibilities unravel,

Tumbling around at the back of your eyes.


Squirming lives act as distractions.

Furrowing journeys packed in under low ceilings.

Doors shut and open continuously.


The flirtation passes,

Leaving in its wake a glamorous narrative you’ll revisit in a daydream.


Jolt me.

Jilt me.



By Rosa Leonora Stevens 


original art in the thumbnail is also made by me, please find more of my poetry and art on instagram @rosastevenspoetry and @rosaleonoraart