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Poem per week: Male Gaze by Rosa Stevens

Male Gaze


There are a million girls like us. 

We're all just sluts anyway.


So please, continue.

Climb up my legs with your gaze.

Blow up my skirt with your tapping foot.

Mess my hair with your wet lips. 


Amuse yourself.


Scrutinize my body whilst you stew.

Imagine it as you bite your pen.

Wait for me till its legal.

Or don't, it's out of my control.


Tug the skirt. Smooth the blouse.

Button the coat. Cover yourself.



Boys will be boys.




Rosa Leonora Stevens

original art used for the thumbnail was made by me. Please find my work on instagram @rosastevenspoetry and @rosaleonoraart


Features Editor at Her Campus Bristol
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