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Only The Best Feel Good Films

Sometimes all you need is a film to make you feel good. Here are nine films to brighten up your mood after a rough day.


Valley girls become three dimensional in this modern take on Jane Austen’s Emma. A witty satire that takes its characters heart-warmingly seriously, it’s the perfect coming of age story with wealthy high schoolers, matchmaking, and Paul Rudd. What else do you need?

School of Rock

This film is noticeably Jack Black, with rock & roll and pure dopamine. You may remember this from your childhood, bringing an element of nostalgia to it. The film’s goal is to make the school kids feel like they fit in, which turns its comedic side emotional, and Jack Black’s characteristic enthusiasm and joy really makes the film. The only way it could be better is to see the musical version on stage afterwards.

Sing Street

A film from recent years, this is an Irish musical set in the 1980s and it’s all about the classic ploy of starting a band to impress a girl. Simultaneously uplifting and hilarious with well-made songs decorating its soundtrack, Sing Street is a must.

Crazy Rich Asians

Crazy Rich Asians
Color Force

In case you were looking for a rom-com, this film is for you. It’s about a girl finding out her boyfriend’s family is incredibly rich, hence the title. Amazing visuals and relatable characters paired with clever writing and a good cast makes for a stellar movie.


What’s more feel-good than Paddington? This reimagining of Paddington Bear is guaranteed to cheer you up. The childlike wonder of the film makes you adore Paddington and hope for the best for him.

13 Going On 30

Returning to the early 2000s, we have the familiar feeling of wanting to be older at 13, and desperately wishing to be 30. Only in this film it comes true and you turn into Jennifer Garner. It makes you feel like a kid again whilst you relive 2000s fashion.

Fantastic Mr Fox

This stop-motion film is based on Roald Dahl’s book of the same name with a large all-star cast and the comedy of Wes Anderson. The characters are incredibly likeable, making you root for the band of animals in their fight against the farmers.


Another rom-com, this time French, is a critically acclaimed film about a waitress that attempts to change other people’s lives for the better. It plays on the main character’s loneliness and active imagination, finding happiness in small acts of kindness that improve others’ lives which turns into large, complex schemes.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Finally, this 1986 comedy is the story of a high schooler achieving a day off from school with his girlfriend and best friend, evading the dean, his parents and sister. It’s promised to make you laugh.

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