OMGYes! An educational website about female sexuality!

Emma Watson has recently endorsed website ‘OMGYes!’ to demystify female sexual pleasure. With touch-screen tutorials and down-to-earth demonstrations, female pleasure is discussed with an openness in a way it has never been before.

The website is cashing in on the long-anticipated breakdown of societal taboos around the impossibility of female pleasure. OMGYes targets women and their partners to create a better female orgasm.

The website focuses on 12 key methods: “edging,” “rhythm”, “hinting” “multiples”, “consistency”, “surprise” and more. When Emma Watson admitted she was a paid subscriber, the platform built momentum. Its explicitly educational content, including videos of volunteers which demonstrate each method, contains a touch-screen tutorial for uses to practice what they have learned.

Given the number of pornographic videos which portray female masturbation openly for male pleasure, OMGYes! has turned this on its head for some asserting content repurposed for women’s own sexual fulfillment. With informative demonstrations, instead of a polished, screaming orgasms, the website is alien in the sense we are not accustomed to such an open discussion about female desire and stimulation.

In partnership with sexual researchers, the website did the first large-scale study to find the ways in which women share sexual pleasure. Like “ingredients which combine in different ways,” the website puts everything out in the open, collecting the sexual experiences of over 2,000 women.

Thanks to Hollywood pornography, many believe the female orgasm is a mystical, illusive creature. Only 57% of women orgasm from penetrative sex, compared to 95% of men and, for many, foreplay and clitoral stimulation is essential. However, the clitoris has become a largely taboo or comical subject, and OMGYes! responds to this by creating a step-by-step approach as to how to locate and ‘activate’ it.

While cinema and pop culture consistently present the ubiquity of the male orgasm and sex drive, women have often been neglected. The frankness of social media has become the perfect platform for a new, honest conversation.

However, the subscription is not cheap. At twenty pounds a pop, the site is restricted to the age of 19 and older, a shame considering pornography is so widely available and young teenage girls need helpful information to take control of their own sexuality.

Despite this, the website is a game-changer, helping to debunk the notion that female pleasure is an outdated myth impossible to achieve. Hopefully, this and other social media initiatives, will forge the way for an openness that will make pornography unnecessary.