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Dark winter nights and Lockdown 3 – it’s the perfect storm for comfort eating and comfort watching. Finished Bridgerton the day after it came out? Have you rewatched I May Destroy You twice? Has everyone in your house has run out of meal ideas? Fear not! We’ve compiled the best foodie binge-watches Netflix has to offer. So, grab a snack (you’ll need one!) and settle in for these stomach rumble-inducing series.


Ugly Delicious

We join chef David Chang as he explores the cross-cultural origins of some of our favourite comfort foods – think pizza, dumplings, fried rice, and traditional BBQ. One of the most interesting aspects of the show is its American lens: Chang covers foods from all around the world, finding out how generations of immigrants have chopped and changed them to create new fusion cuisines in the ‘melting pot’ of the US. Watch the episode ‘Stuffed’ (Season 1, Episode 8) for a fiery debate on stuffed pasta vs dumplings, and a fascinating look at the ‘cross-pollination’ that has created some of the dishes we know and love.


Salt Fat Acid Heat

In Salt Fat Acid Heat, based on the book of the same name, Samin Nosrat breaks cooking down to its fundamentals. Follow Samin and her infectious enthusiasm to Italy, Japan, Mexico and California as she picks olives, farms seaweed, and tastes two-year-old fermented miso. It’ll really get you thinking about where the food you eat comes from. If you’re feeling inspired after watching, try out Nosrat’s famous focaccia recipe – it’s worth the 12-hour wait for the dough to ferment, trust me.


Chef’s Table

Featuring some of the world’s top chefs, Chef’s Table offers an insight into the human stories behind cutting-edge restaurants. It’s true audio-visual comfort food, with stunning slow-motion shots of innovative and experimental fine dining. Although physically you might be stuck at home, Chef’s Table has the power to transport you to Melbourne, Bali, Brazil or South Korea. Sit back, relax, and appreciate a look at the inner workings of some of the most beautiful food you’ll ever see (and hopefully one day taste).


Come Dine With Me

If all else fails and you’re not tempted by any of these foodie adventures, you can always turn to a culinary classic: Come Dine With Me. From the man who put a whole whisk in his mouth to the woman who flipped her steaks with an oven-glove – and of course, who can forget ‘you won Jane’ – Come Dine With Me has many memorable moments. Forty episodes of this daytime TV favourite are currently on Netflix for your hungover/food coma viewing pleasure.

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