'Mum' Zara's Maternity Collection: A Review

I would like to say that I have some knowledge of maternity clothes due to my sister being 8 months pregnant. From this, I know the importance of maternity clothes being comfortable whilst also trying to be stylish and affordable. With the high street retailer Zara’s online launch of its first ever maternity collection called ‘Mum’ in the ‘Corner Shop’ section of its website, I endeavoured to read reviews and offer my own opinion on the new collection. 

Affordable: the prices on the website range between £9.99 and £159.00 so there really is something for everyone as it is relatively reasonably priced. This is crucial for maternity wear as due to the temporary nature of pregnancy and with other baby related expenses, you don’t want to be investing a small fortune in your maternity wardrobe. 

On trend: from the leopard print dress to the neon orange jumper and the snakeskin cowboy boots, this range really has all of this season’s Autumn essentials. It includes effortlessly chic and comfortable items like its variety of slogan t-shirts and sweatshirts. It also features a classic trench coat within the maternity lookbook which has been made a popular pregnancy item by Meghan Markle’s donning of the item on her South Pacific Tour (just after she announced her pregnancy) not one or two times, but a grand total of five times. 

Range: from loungewear such as these joggings bottoms to this workwear appropriate dress, Zara’s collection has clothes appropriate for all occasions. This velvet co-ord is particularly glamorous and would look fabulous at a Christmas party. It acts to dispel the myth that maternity clothes are frumpy and unflattering 

Sizes: Zara’s collection features sizes ranging from XS to XXL, demonstrating inclusivity for all women, regardless of size. It also features jeans and trousers with an elastic knit waistband which is not only great for warmth in the winter but also crucial for comfort as the baby grows throughout the pregnancy.  

Popular: the first ever Zara maternity collection has been very well received on social media platforms, especially Twitter. For instance, one woman said: “Zara does maternity clothes now. Another reason to have another baby” and another said: “A friend has very kindly, but dangerously informed me about the Zara maternity collection! I’m only 20 weeks but choosing clothes is becoming a daily struggle. This knowledge will help!” The popular reception of the collection demonstrates the importance of fashion being available to women at all times of their lives and shows that there is a general lack of creativity within maternity wear, even though other high street retailers like New Look, H&M, Topshop and ASOS are offering maternity options. 

Zara’s maternity collection can be hailed as a success due to its popular reception, inclusivity, affordability and fashion-conscious aesthetic. Moreover, Zara also has a new-born collection from 0-12 months on its website so there is even better news for expecting and new mums! 

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