Inspirational Women Week: Grace Beverley

Who is she?

Grace Beverly is a 22 year-old London-based entrepreneur, fitness-fanatic and online content creator.

What does she do?

Alongside studying a degree at Oxford University, Grace founded her brand GraceFitUK, which began as an Instagram account and Youtube channel of workout videos. This evolved to become two multimillion dollar businesses inspired by her interests in health, fitness and sustainability. B_ND is her fitness accessories companies, primarily known for its resistance bands. TALA creates sustainable active wear from upcycled fabric offcuts and plastic bottles.

Why is she inspirational?

At the forefront of Grace’s content and brand are the notions of sustainability, accessibility and inclusivity. Having been vegan for two years, she talks about the health and environmental benefits, without being preachy or forceful. She shares Youtube videos on quick and affordable recipes, as well as her experience of veganism and its pros and cons. 

Her fitness content is some of the first I viewed and I still find it some of the most accessible and easy to follow. Whilst she does sell fitness guides and products, she is the first to say what you don’t need: an expensive gym membership, for example. B_ND’s Instagram posts daily exercise videos, frequently including ‘at home’ or ‘no equipment’ workouts to make the content accessible.

Her brand Tala is ethical, sustainable and inclusive, with multiple certifications to back up these claims. GOTS and the Global Recycled Standard certify the sustainability of the brand, whilst ethically the EU Ecolabel and Sedex (the supplier ethical data exchange) accredit the brand. You simply have to look at the company’s website to see their inclusivity, showing each item on women of all different body types and races, so every woman can feel as though the brand is relatable.

In the last two weeks alone, she revealed her new fitness app ‘Shreddy’. Combining goals, workouts and nutritional meal plans, she hopes to promote a positive, community-based attitude to fitness. She was also awarded the GBEA’s (Great British Entrepeneur of the Year Awards) ‘London’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year’.

Her ability to study a degree whilst simultaneously running her business is also inspiring. She is the first to admit that it is extremely hard work, yet remains grounded when she discusses how fortunate she is to be in her position. 

Most of all, Grace promotes successful women and how to be one. The community on her social media is positive, motivating and caring, for example, she posts inspiring videos on her Youtube channel, including: ‘How to ace uni’, ‘How I bought a house in London at 22’ and ‘How I get my sh*t together’. She is a self-made young woman, and is unapologetic about her success.

This article is part of the HC Bristol Inspirational Women week.