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How to show your friends and family you care (from a distance)

It has been about a year since the first national lockdown was announced and oh, what a year it’s been. I don’t think any of us were prepared then for the lasting and extreme impact this would have on our lives. And one of the biggest aspects of that is being separated from loved ones, be it geographically, because of shielding, or because you are not in the same bubble. Being separated from your support system, be it friends, family or your significant other, is never easy. But here are my top tips to show them you care even from a distance. 


Communication is Key 

Communication is the route of all relationships, whether you’re in the same house together or miles apart, but it takes on new meaning when you are physically separated. This could be as simple as texting asking how someone’s day is going or saying good morning, but keeping channels of communication open is important in showing someone you care. It shows them not only are they in your thoughts, but if they need your support know they can contact you.  


Sometimes it’s the Little Things 

Small acts of kindness really do make all the difference. The little and often approach can be a great way to show someone your continued love and support, that you are thinking of them and you care. Using those established channels of communication to show that you are there is fundamental to relationships. It could be as small as remembering that someone had a busy day and asking how it went, but the little things build up. 


Though The Big Things Matter Too

Despite Covid-19 wanting to put our all lives on hold for good, big events are still happening in everyone’s lives. Birthdays (the people who are having their second lockdown birthday, I’m thinking of you), anniversaries, promotions, moving to a new house, all are still happening in this lockdown. Part of showing someone you care is showing up for the big things even when you can’t be there physically. Even though no one really wants to do another quiz on Zoom, make sure you make a note and make an event special for someone. We all need something to celebrate at them moment. 


Go beyond Technology

There is no better way in my opinion to show someone you care than getting off your phone and sending someone a letter or card. It’s so special to receive something physical, to see something handwritten, and it shows more than anything that you are thinking of them. And who doesn’t love getting post, it’s one of the all-time great lockdown activities!


Make Plans

This might have been one of the hardest aspects of this lockdown, that it has seemed never ending. But now the government is easing restrictions, you might be in a position now to start making plans for when you can see your loved ones again. Having something to look forward to is so important, and by not only telling someone you want to see them but putting a plan in place for this to happen, you are showing them that you value your time together, and that you care about them. 


Being separated from the one’s you care about is really difficult. Remember to not put too much pressure on yourself, no one is perfect about staying in touch, we all have busy weeks where we forget to text or don’t have time to call. But as is true in every relationship, what you put in is reflected in what you get back: if you make an effort to show someone you care, they will probably do the same for you when you need them. 


Imogen Hope

Bristol '21

Hi I'm Immy and I'm in my final year studying English at University of Bristol. I love all things food, but especially baking!
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