How to Handle Christmas on a Student Budget

It’s December. The next instalment of your student loan isn’t due for another month. You tentatively view your bank statement; things aren’t looking good. You begin to question your past financial choices. Why did you buy that Halloween costume in October, only to wear once in Bunker and leave it stained with sweat and VKs? Why did you fork out for a TV licence when all you use it for is Planet Earth II on Sundays? You begin to panic. You imagine your younger brother’s look of disappointment as he unwraps his Christmas present.

Unfortunately, this nightmare scenario is often all too real for students as the festive season draws ever nearer. Christmas on a budget can be tricky, but do not fear! Here are some top tricks and tips to pull off an amazing Christmas no matter what your budget:

Buy your Christmas cards from a charity shop

Christmas cards from charity shops like the British Heart Foundation, are not only so much cheaper but your money also goes to a good cause. Making your own can be so much hassle so why not kill 2 birds with 1 stone and buy cards whilst also donating?

Make homemade Christmas presents

DIY Christmas presents are the most thoughtful gifts you can give. For example if you’re into baking, a hamper of gingerbread men, peppermint creams and chocolate orange truffles are easy to make, and will make someone very happy! Or, if you’re into arts and crafts, homemade Christmas decorations, and home-decorated Christmas mugs are easy, fun and will suit your student budget.

Have a Secret Santa budget

Secret Santa on a budget can be a lot of fun. A £5 budget is a great opportunity to really put thought into a present whilst not breaking the bank. Not only is this cheap and entertaining, but it eliminates the awkwardness of spending a lot more/less on a present than your co-workers or friends.

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Check out your local entertainment

Tickets to local theatres, food festivals and much more are great gifts and a lot more original than other presents. Plus, you get bonus points for supporting your local community!

Make use of Student discounts

If you have an NUS card or a UNIDAYS account, around Christmas time there are loads of great deals, often 25%-50% off. Great for gift giving, or a cheeky Christmas present to yourself.

Don’t panic buy

Lets face it; around Christmas time, we are all bogged down with deadlines and revision. Forgetting to buy Christmas presents amongst all those essays is an easy thing to do but DO NOT PANIC BUY. There is still plenty of time to buy presents. Look online, in shops and make DIY presents rather than impulse buying the first expensive gift set you see.

Get joint family presents

Joint family presents are a great idea. Many places have group discounts, like Go Ape and many theatres across the country.

Check out discount websites like Wowcher

Discount websites are genuinely extremely helpful. There deals can be up to 80% off, including cheap delivery. They also have a tonne of seasonal deals, like Christmas themed jewellery or pyjamas.

Happy Christmas and spend wisely!