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The Hottest Trend This Summer; 60s Inspired Prints

Summer 2021, the summer which will hopefully end the curse that is Covid. What better way to celebrate then with the return of 60s colour! This summer’s hottest trend is looking to be exactly that; a beautiful mess of psychedelic and floral patterns. The aesthetic is slowly moving from the queens which was the 90s and 2000s to this new brighter, looser feel. The 1960s was a period of liberation, and its fashion trends mirrored this. Young people began to control the fashion world and icons such as Twiggy and Mary Quant popularised everything mini and cute. In the high fashion world, brands such as Fendi and Rixo have already showcased their psychedelic collection, including a lot of wallpaper prints and complimentary colours. Meanwhile on the highstreet, brands such as Motel rocks, House of Sunny and Urban Outfitters have released statement pieces that everyone is fighting over.


But styling such bold pieces can be scary, so let’s have a look at a few people who do it best!


Emma Chamberlain 


Emma is known for being a fashion icon in the social media world. On her Instagram page @emmachamberlain, she showcases outfits such as a mini skirt paired with a flower print top, both of which are iconic 60s trends. She perfectly embodies flower power. The miniskirt paired with the chunky shoes creates a cute yet powerful outfit. In another post, she pairs a bold patterned jumper with simple black trousers and a headband, making the 60s statement pieces casual. The sunglasses are definitely eye-catching but matching them with the colour scheme of your outfit makes them the perfect accessory.



Ruby Lyn


Ruby Lyn (@rubylyn_) definitely knows how to perfect the babydoll look. The 60s saw the introduction of a lot of babydoll dress’ and miniskirts. Ruby pairs them with tights and layers to create an all seasons aesthetic. She also wears the leather boots with a lot of her outfits, a clear reference to the 60s GoGo boots trend. Her interpretation of the 60s is very different to Emma’s as she focuses more on the miniskirts while Emma utilises the colours and patterns, however both looks show just how fun this new trend is.


Isabelle Yee



Isabelle Yee (@Isabelleyeet )is the perfect example of how to make the 60s modern. In one post, she wears a red psychedelic print tank top with a print that matches that of the 60s fashion however its tank top style is very modern. The styling of it with baggy jeans and air forces creates a unique streetwear look. In another, she sports a cute flower print skirt that can be found in Urban Outfitters’ new collection. It follows the rustic brown and orange colour theme that can be seen in certain 60s attire. The middle skirt is probably my favourite piece ever! The mix of colours with the combination of geometric and floral patterns creates a fun unique statement piece. 


The 60s are making a return and I’m all here for it!

I’m currently studying liberal arts at the university of Bristol, after previously studying at Reigate Grammar in Surrey. I have a particular interest in fashion journalism and photography.
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