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H&M and The Vampire wife’s collection: A Review


The high-end fashion world is once again returning to the highstreet and H&M are to thank. Historically H&M have brought us eye-watering collaborations with Moschino, Kangol, Jimmy Choo and Balmain, to name a few. Now, the newest to the list is Susie Cave’s, ‘The Vampires Wife’, which is often worn by the likes of Kate Middleton. The brand is melancholic, gothic and romantic, with a focus on bringing the Victorian silhouette into the modern light. I know as much as the next person about H&M, however it would be fair to say as a brand they are almost the complete opposite to The Vampires wife. The two are like salt and pepper. H&M’s bright colours, modern statement tees and basic staples with The Vampires Wife’s lace, ruffles and frills seems an unlikely mix. However, like many opposites, the brands seem to attract each other and have created a modern alternative collection, finding the perfect solution in a mix of contradictions.


Let’s start off with my personal favourite, the cape. Capes are the item of clothing we didn’t know we were missing. The light fabric ensures the cape is more Blair Wardolf than super villain, although some would argue there’s not much difference. The velvet bow elongates the silhouette while adding, what I view as, a Harry Styles kind of casual formality. It’s hard to distinguish how but this piece manages to remain modern and fresh while being the epitome of Victorian gothic. It screams mysterious Tim Burton character and I’m here for it.


The designer tells us in the H&M magazine that the jewellery items are her favourite, however I’d have to disagree. Personally, I would have liked to seen silver rather than gold as it fits the theme and colour scheme of the rest of the collection. I think this part of the collection is where we see H&M’s influence a little bit stronger. It feels there is a loss of focus on Victorian goth i.e. with the pink hearts and lightning bolts. Big chunky gold jewellery is however still very in at the moment and so it’s no surprise the items followed the rest of the collection selling out in seconds.


Collars, what a beautiful thing!!! There has been a huge fashion trend taking over the lives of teenagers and Tik Tok users around the world. This consists of argyle sweaters, cute collars and hairbands and therefore this statement piece has come to bless your wardrobe at the perfect time. Like the cape, it is versatile in its use and can change the whole fragrance of an outfit within seconds. At only £9.99, Wednesday Addams we’re coming for you.


Overall, the collection looks to ‘enhance the feminine strength of the wearer’ and I think the flattering silhouettes with the strong shoulder detail achieves this perfectly. When a collection like this comes out, the question always remains whether the large drop in price can be seen in the quality of design. However, the collection (which ranges between £9 and £49) flows seamlessly from the rest of the brand’s £500 pieces. In addition, the collection is almost entirely made from sustainable reworked fabrics. Look like a royal and save the planet at the same time, what more could we ask for?!

I’m currently studying liberal arts at the university of Bristol, after previously studying at Reigate Grammar in Surrey. I have a particular interest in fashion journalism and photography.
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