Halloween Costume Hacks

If you’re struggling for inspiration and ideas for a Halloween costume then look no further. There’s no need to troll through Amazon for a costume or rush to Boots as you can probably make do with what you already have available in your wardrobe and make-up bag. Here are some Halloween costume and make-up hacks that will relieve the last-minute stress and confusion that will leave you looking freaky as well as fabulous. 

1. Leopard

Surely by now everyone owns a piece of leopard print clothing, so this is the purrfect (excuse the pun) last minute costume. Pair your leopard print piece with simple black clothing or go leopard on leopard if you can for the full effect. The make-up is super easy and all you need is brown and gold eye shadow and some liquid black liner. Simply dot the brown eye shadow on one side of your face’s cheekbone, temple and forehead. With the black liner draw a half circle around each brown dot (they don’t have to be exactly the same or perfect). Then with the gold eye shadow take a small bit just to highlight each leopard spot. Done! It’s as easy as that. If you need a bit more help this is a really good video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oo3udwGM9IU

2. Mermaid

As a Bristol student I do assume that most of us girls have a sparkly top lying around somewhere waiting for those Cirque nights or even a cheeky OMG Wednesday, so now’s the time ladies. Grab your sparkly top (preferably light colours but feel free to channel some Ursula vibes) and pair it with some flares or a silky skirt for that under the sea feeling. Make up wise you will need some fish net tights (pretty sure they’re available in Clifton Down Sainsbury’s) and some sparkly or metallic brightly coloured eye shadow. All you need to do is brush the eye shadow over the fish net on both upper corners of the forehead and ta-da you’ve got fish scales. 

3. Skeleton

This one’s easiest in terms of clothing as all you need is some form of black or white clothing; you could choose a combo, all black or all white. All you need is black liquid liner and white and black eyeshadow. With the liner trace the bottom of your cheekbone and then draw a small line down. Take the white eye shadow and fade it out from the bottom of the liner using black to blend along the line. For the lip part take your black liner again and draw two lines out from the corner of your mouth. Then about 1cm apart draw vertical lines on your lips with the liner. Et voila, you’re a skeleton. 

4. Scarecrow

If you own a pair of dungarees then this is the look for you. Pair them with a bandeau top, flannel shirt and accessorise with a straw hat, boater, fedora or maybe even a flat cap for the extra country feel. For the make-up you yet again need black liquid liner, mascara, blusher and red lipstick. Draw a thin line with the liner on your eyelids and with the mascara accentuate the outer lashes top and bottom. Take the liquid liner and draw a line along the lower edge of each cheekbone, draw small vertical lines along the existing line for a stitched effect. Draw a teardrop shape on the tip of your nose with the liner and then cross the line same as the cheekbones. Pop blusher on each cheekbone and apply the lipstick. 

5. Ghost

This has to be the trade mark last minute Halloween costume. Either wear all white or take (you guessed it) a white bed sheet and cut two holes in it for the eyes. If you do go for the all-white attire then make your face pale and go really dark with the eye make-up. 

Happy Halloween Hacks!

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