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The minimalistic makeup brand that has taken the digital world by storm with its instagrammable pastel pink packaging and barely-there formulas is certainly no stranger to the ever-evolving beauty industry. Paving the terrain for “no-makeup makeup looks” ; Glossier strikes a chord with an audience that is less concerned with altering their appearance but rather enhancing their natural beauty.

This incredibly successful e-commerce empowers consumers and reinforces their ethos of “Skin First. Makeup Second”, whilst maintaining a price point that falls in between that of drugstore and high end cosmetics. Hence, we are faced with the highly anticipated question of is it actually worth it? 

Although the extensive inventory of products would tempt any sensible person to add everything to their cart, I will only be reviewing if some of their bestsellers, that I have personally tried, are truly worth the hype and their prices.

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1. Boy Brow (Brow Pomade)

Price : £14

Did someone say low-maintenance brows? This brow pomade has become a cult-favourite in the makeup industry with many influencers and beauty gurus swearing upon it. In five different colours, it is marketed to fulfil both the needs of the browless and the browful, but is it really worth it?

When I tried this product, I immediately fell in LOVE with the hassle-free process. As someone with gorilla-like brows, I really appreciated the taming of my brows with minimal effort. With the slight tint, my brows framed my face and there was no flaking or stiff feeling throughout the day. And best of all, it only took one swipe per brow!

Worth the Hype : 8/10 - lives up to the hype and definitely part of my makeup routine!

Worth the Price : 4/10 - size of product is too small :(

Overall : 6/10


2. Lash Slick (Mascara)

Price :  £14

Finding a perfect everyday mascara is a no easy feat despite the thousands on the market. An essential in nearly everyone’s makeup bag; mascara has the power to enhance natural beauty. Glossier’s only eyelash product claims to fill this role and put your search to a halt. But is it really worth it?

I am NOT a fan of the spider eyelashes so this mascara was perfect for me to wear every day. Not only did it lengthen my natural lashes, but it made them much more apparent. If you are in search of a transforming mascara to create the dramatic, eyelash-extension imitating look, this is most definitely not for you. However, if you do want a buildable mascara that never clumps and lives up to its barely-there reputation, this is the one for you.

Worth the Hype : 10/10 - love it and perfect for everyday use!

Worth the Price : 8/10 - slightly overpriced for its “basic” formula

Overall : 9/10


3. Cloud Paint (Cream Blush)

Price :  £15

Cream Blush is ALL THE RAGE at the moment! Perhaps, with many staunch powder-blush fans converting to the cream counterparts, I am sure you have come across this aesthetic little tube somewhere on your Instagram feed. But is it really worth it?

I am ashamed to say that I have only incorporated blush into my makeup routine this January as I never particularly enjoyed that unflattering pink flush on my cheeks until I discovered cream blush. Glossier’s cloud paint is not too thick, which allows seamless blending into the cheeks for a gorgeous flush. With just three dots on the apples of the cheek, this buildable pigment is absolutely stunning for anyone going for the dewy, enhanced natural look. I personally love the shade “Storm” as I find the colour absolutely beautiful and complimentary to any skin colour.

Worth the Hype : 8/10 – one of the best cream blushes I have ever tried!

Worth the Price : 6/10 – really really small tube

Overall : 7/10


4. Haloscope (Highlighter)

Price :  £18

I would be completely lying if I said that looking like an Instagram model during golden hour was not a secret wish of mine when looking for a highlighter. Often, highlighters transform your cheeks into disco balls, but this glitz and glamour look is not particularly everyone’s cup of tea. So, where does the Haloscope fall in this spectrum and more importantly is it really worth it?

This highlighter is easily my favourite everyday highlighter because of its easy-to-apply creamy texture and its absolutely incredible dewy finish. Unlike many powder-based highlighters, Glossier’s Haloscope provides a glowy shine to cheekbones and truly allows light to reflect off of it. It is not blinding hence it is perfect for everyday, but you may not want to use it for any full glam looks as it is slightly underwhelming. Available in three gorgeous colours (Topaz, Quartz and Moonstone), I am confident that you will be satisfied with this product and will find it perfect for day-to-day wear.

Worth the Hype : 10/10 – absolutely beautiful!

Worth the Price : 6/10 – overpriced with decent product size

Overall : 8/10


5. Lip Gloss

Price :  £11

If it had to be universally agreed upon that the world’s prettiest lip gloss was the Glossier one, I am sure it would not be a difficult discussion. This ICONIC packaging took the makeup world by storm upon it’s release but is it really worth it?

With the trend of clear gloss coming back recently, many of us have been searching high and low for a gloss that enhances our natural lip colour, has a non-sticky feeling and does NOT smell like plastic or glue. I can whole-heartedly announce that Glossier has passed all of these tests and have definitely created a cult-favourite lip gloss. Not only, is the shine extremely pretty, it is comfortable to wear throughout the day and has a smell similar to that of cake batter. It does not dry my lips out and I personally love wearing the clear gloss over a natural-coloured lipstick for that ideal dewy, no-makeup look! Available in clear, red and holographic tints, I can guarantee you that it is definitely a product magnificent beyond its beautiful packaging. Although it is slightly pricy for a simple gloss, it has it’s redeeming qualities as aforementioned.

Worth the Hype : 10/10 – beautiful and comfortable!

Worth the Price : 7/10 – slightly overpriced for it’s purpose

Overall : 8.5/10

I hope this article has enlightened you and answered any doubts that has ever crossed your mind once you felt the strong temptation to click “check-out” on Glossier’s website. To me, Glossier is most definitely worth the hype it’s been given since their products really do live up to it. I whole-heartedly recommend trying their products if you are able to, especially for those beauties going for that natural-dewy look this winter. So, what are you waiting for? Fill that cart, press check out and don’t watch the bank balance!

I am currently studying law at University of Bristol! I love watching tiktoks, eating hot wings and shopping :) Follow my Instagram linked below!
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