Flight Ban Sparked by ISIS Threat

British passengers will be banned from carrying laptops, tablets and other electronic devices on flights from certain overseas airports. This dramatic new measure by both the US and the UK is a result of new threats from ISIS, according to a report from ABC news. After the U.S. introduced the ban, the UK government soon followed suit. This ban comes after US officials revealed terrorists are “aggressively pursuing innovative measures” to carry out attacks with devices such as laptop bombs.

The ban represents the most significant restriction on air travel since the Government banned individuals from carrying liquids of more than 100ml on board in 2006. The restrictions will cover all electronic devices over a certain size, essentially meaning that electronic devices larger than a phone will be prohibited.

(Photo Credit: BBC)

For the U.K., anyone flying from Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia and Saudi Arabia to the UK. will be affected by the ban. The U.S. restrictions are far wider. The ban will also apply to those flying from flying from the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait and Morocco to the US When asked why the US ban was more prohibitive, a Downing street spokesman said: “We have spoken closely [with the US authorities] but have each taken our own decision.” While it cannot be said as yet just how valuable these new restrictions may be, there is no doubt that this move, initiated by Trump administration, is a sign that the US government is taking the lead on the global defeat against ISIS.

However, some experts have questioned the efficacy of the ban. David C. Gomez, a retired FBI counterterrorism executive, said on Twitter that the ban "ignores the realities of terrorist behavior" because passengers could simply "fly to London, Paris, Amsterdam and switch carriers" to reach the US. "If truly a threat, why allow devices to be stowed in luggage and then placed in cargo hold?" Gomez asked. "That seems counterproductive." Only time will tell if the measures will be effective. Let’s hope they will.

(Photo Credit: CNBC News)