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Five Craft Ideas for the New Year!


University life is stressful and most of us have little time for hobbies outside of studying and working.  But taking some time to switch off our brains and do something we enjoy can be useful (if not necessary!). Here are some crafting ideas that are easy to pick up, and may help you unwind and create something cool:

Cross-stitch/ embroidery:

  • You can go as big or as small as you like with an embroidery project. They also make for great presents, think beautiful wall decorations, cushions or jacket patch!


  • Even if you hated GCSE art or don’t see yourself as the next Van Gogh, this is a way to be creative without the outcome needing to be perfect. If you are still unsure about your painting skills, it is super easy to pick up a paint-by-numbers book and start there!


  • This is perhaps a more time-consuming hobby (and possibly more expensive than some others on this list), but if you are interested, you can easily find a class in Bristol that will give you access to all the materials you need. 


  • Once you get the hang of it, knitting is a great way to switch your mind off, relax and create some cosy woollen things for you and your friends! Bristol SU Knitting Society is a good place to start, for beginners and seasoned knitters. 


  • One of the easiest ways to create something beautiful without needing to learn a difficult skill, you can use almost any material for this, and can make it personal by using photos (a scrapbook would even make a heartfelt, budget-friendly gift!)

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