Fashion That’s Here to Stay: Why This Autumn’s Trends Won’t Break the Bank

We all know the struggle. A new season dawns, high street stores redress their windows, and suddenly everything you own is no longer fashionable. As students, most of us have tight budgets which don’t allow for us to go out and shop to our heart’s content. That’s why this autumn’s trends are ideal, because many of the items that are already in our wardrobes (or our parents’) can be whipped out and given a revamp.


Goodbye millennial pink, hello red. Not burgundy, not maroon, but bright, tomato red. The hottest colour of the summer is going nowhere – red jumpers, red skirts, red boots, you name it, it’s red. Your summer pieces can easily be layered up over tights or a long-sleeved top to stave off that autumn chill.

(Skirt: Urban Outfitters -

Oversized Jackets

We all know that the puffer jacket is the mark of a Bristol student. Luckily for us, the rest of the country seems to have caught on, and the trend has continued from last winter. Thick fleeces are also still in, a bonus for those of us who like to look stylish and stay cozy at the same time.  

(Puffer Jacket: Urban Outfitters -


Will there ever be a time when dungarees go out of fashion? It seems like they’ve been around forever, along with their sister item, the dungaree dress. If you want to put a 2017 spin on the dungaree, wear them over a rainbow-striped top or jumper.

(Dungarees: Topshop -

80s Power Dressing

Whether it be checked trousers, checked skirts, or oversized, shoulder-padded checked jackets, the power suit style of the '80s is back. If you don’t quite fit into your old school skirt anymore, be sure to raid your parents’ wardrobes for some vintage looks.

(Suit: Zara,


Culottes were the breakout trend of last autumn/winter and they’re here to stay. Ankle-shaving season is back with a vengeance!

(Culottes: Pull and Bear -

As is always the case, this autumn has seen the emergence of some new trends since last year. But because fashion is cyclical, it’s more than likely you’ll be able to find some treasures in one of Bristol's many charity shops, for far cheaper than on the high street. I don’t know about you, but I remember a time in the olden days of the early 2000s when my mum dressed me solely in multi-coloured stripes and corduroy trousers, and lo and behold, they’re back!