Empowering Women at Deloitte and opportunities available

When looking at careers, inclusivity is important to me, and one brand that stood out was Deloitte.

Deloitte is a leading provider of audit and assurance, consulting, financial advisory, risk advisory, tax and related services. Inclusivity is core to the business and there has always been an emphasis on ensuring that the company has a diverse workforce and has taken steps to ensure that the multifaceted global community is represented properly. In relation to combating workplace sexism, the company is committed to being held accountable for gender and ethnicity targets at all levels of the organisation. 

In 2020, gender pay gaps in Deloitte has reduced both in mean and medium hourly pay gaps and the total earning gender gap. Deloitte has undertaken an internal initiative called [email protected]  to empower and advance women in the industry through various motivational initiatives, workshops, meetings and mentoring.  The key initiatives include promoting the role of women in top management and destroying the gender stereotypes and biases that come with women in  leadership. It also aims on providing mentoring opportunities for women to advance in their career. To tackle the underrepresentation of women in technology, there are Women in Science & Engineering conferences as well as workshops such as “ People Like Me” to address the lack of women in STEM and how to have a successful career in the industry. 

As a student I understand how difficult it is to find opportunities that can boost your skills and so I want to shed light on some of the events that Deloitte is running during the autumn term, which you might find useful! To gain insight into what a career at Deloitte will be like you can join the company’s virtual event platform. There are Skills Sessions, Discover sessions as well as Meet Deloitte events which are interactive virtual events throughout the term. There are sessions that are also available on demand. In addition to that there is also the Monthly Talent Newslette, which I found is the best way to get updates directly from Deloitte about opportunities that are available and events that are being held. 

These events held by Deloitte was extremely useful in understanding the way that the organisation works and the culture and values that it follows!