Eight Eco-Warrior Celebrities!

In honour of Her Campus Bristol's environmentally focused Her Garden week, we thought some celebrity inspiration mid-week would help you stay on track. So here is a list of eight celebrity eco-warriors to motivate you for the week (and just life in general.)

8) Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba is actively involved with charities like "Safer Chemicals Healthy Families," "ONE," "Habitat for Humanity," "Project HOME" and more. Her twitter feed regularly tweets about her e-commerce site "The Honest Company" which "seek[s] to inspire new solutions, reduce our collective impact, cause no unnecessary harm, and make produts that are as non-toxic and healthy as possible".

7) Brad Pitt

After visiting New Orleans' Lower 9th Ward two years after Hurricane Katrina, he was shocked to see the lack of rebuilding going on and so Brad being Brad founded "Make It Right" in 2007 with their vision: "Around the world, people are living in healthy communities and affordable, high-quality, enviornmentally sustainable homes". Of course all of the "Make It Right" projects meet the highest standards of green building. 

6) Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman has been vegetarian since childhood and now lives a no-animal-products lifestyle. She is a long time supporter of animal rights, and has travelled to Rwana to help the effort to save silverback gorillas. Her line of shoes for "Te Casan" are beautiful and a big plus - they are composed of all man-made materials.

5) Leonardo DiCaprio

Of course Leo would be on this list! Co-writer, producer and narrator of the global warming film The 11th Hour, the founder of his own "Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation" continues to lobby hard for environmental and humanitarian issues. He actively serves on environmental boards including "Natural Resources Defence Coucil," "Global Green USA," "World Wildlife Fund" and the "Interntational Fund for Animal Welfare" - and all this just makes him that much more dreamy.

4) Maroon 5

The Environmental Media Awards of 2006 honoree only use bio-diesel powered tour buses, promote recycling at their concert venues and donate a portion of their ticket sales to "Global Cool". The band has also played at Live Earth and headlined at the Greenbuild International Conference and Expo.


3) Edward Norton

The actor worked as the United Nations Goodwill Ambassador for Biodiversity and his widely recognised for his work on the "BP Solar Neighbours Program" which matches each celebrity purchase of solar-energy homes with solar panels for a low-income family home. He is extremely vocal with his support of "The Wilderness Societ"' and "Earth Justice" and is also an active member of "Friends of the High Line," an organisation that campaigns to save and rebuild green spaces in New York.


2) Jay-Z and Beyoncé


Jay-Z and Beyoncé wouldn't be the power couple they are without doing their part for the environment as well! In a partnership with the United Nations and MTV, Jay-Z toured several countries meeting with young people who don't have access to safe drinking water. After his journey he released his new video diary "Water For Life" to capture his experience and raise awareness for the global water crisis. Beyoncé has collaborated with the food bank network, Second Harvest. Together, the couple own a gastro pub called The Spotted Pig which composts weekly, recycles and grows all their food locally.

1) Gisele Bündchen

In 2011, the supermodel not only won Best Green International Celebrity, but was also named the years Global Environmental Citizen by Harvard's Centre for Health and Global Environment, which is no surprise considering her eco-warrior efforts. Her eco-friendly flip-flop line, Ipanema Gisele Bündchen, raised funds for conservation efforts in the Amazon and Atlantic Rainforests. She launched the "Clean Water Project"' with the mission to restore vegetation and micro basins in Brazil. On top of all this, she is also the Goodwill Ambassador for the UN Environment Program.