Editor's Letter: Goodbye Crisps

These two crisps were crossing a road, a car stopped and said, "would you like a lift?" The crisps said, "no thanks, we're Walker's".

An exciting week at HC Bristol this week as we hosted our first ever “Galentine’s Event” – gals celebrating gals in a nutshell. It was a fun evening of cakes, live music, spoken word and a female centred quiz finishing in a rousing rendition of Dido’s classic, “White Flag” by Bristol’s ImprovSoc. Tuesday was a big day for me, not only because of the Galentine’s event but also because it marked the last day of crisp – eating for the next 40 days. Yes you heard me, I have given up crisps for Lent. Those who know me well will understand that crisps are my all time biggest weakness (Walker’s ready salted, if we’re being precise). Danni wrote her first Beauty Box article this week about her aims for the new term where she will be saving money by swapping Mac for Maybeline. So, I guess I will be saving pennies by foregoing my daily packet of crisps. Perhaps, as a distraction from my dreaming (drooling) over those delicious potatoey, crispy bits of goodness, I can follow one of Bethan’s steps to self-care instead.

However, it has only been four days into Lent so it’s hard to say whether I am going to be successful in this feat. Especially considering my bad track record in the Lent department where one year I gave up cake yet when out for a meal, chose the "gateau" option and demolished the whole thing (even though I was doing French A Level at the time). So far though, to curb my cravings, I have been enjoying a pancake week with my housemate as we’ve endeavoured to make them everyday since shrove Tuesday and it’s definitely a habit I want to keep up (and would recommend to anyone).

According to the Independent, the top 10 things people will try to give up are as follows:

1.     Chocolate

2.     Social Networking

3.     Alcohol

4.     Twitter

5.     Facebook

6.     School

7.     Meat

8.     Sweets

9.     Coffee

10.  Fizzy Drinks

Now, I was astounded to see that crisps didn’t feature on this list as in my opinion they come in far above any of these other items. So much so, that one of my best memories from being at Uni was when a group of us were at a bar and some guys offered to buy us drinks. However, one of us had the genius idea that instead of a drink, they could buy us a packet of crisps. Not only did they accept the request, but they bought us the bar’s whole stock of crisps – as in every single packet the bar owned. It’s safe to say that this was one of the happiest nights of my life. A statement which surely indicates my somewhat bizarre love for/obsession with the potato snacks. So I had my last packet on Tuesday, kindly supplied by my housemate who spotted that the ready salted packets of goodness were on a bargain in Waitrose and so far another crisp hasn't passed my lips.

I do share this love with all my friends though (evidence above) – I mean, they wouldn’t be my friends if they didn’t love crisps would they? However, I am seemingly the only one who puts Walker’s ready salted as their top choice. I know you might say it’s a bland, boring choice but you just can’t deny the simply satisfying taste of that salt as it hits your taste buds. Also, ready salted crisps are arguably the most versatile when it comes to dips. But let’s not get into dips, that’s a whole other article…