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When asking friends this week whether they used primer, the responses I received were those of bewilderment and panic. "What are you on about?" and "No… should I be?!" were amongst the questions I was bombarded with. Well, do not fret lovely ladies. I’m here to give you the lowdown on primer, from what it is, to which ones to buy, to whether you really need it at all. Take this as a poor man’s "Primer for Dummies", as it were.

So, let’s start with the basics. The purpose of primer is to prepare your face for makeup: it acts as a kind of shield between your skin and your foundation, aiming to protect your skin and make your makeup last longer at the same time. Sounds great, right? You’re now thinking, "why the hell have I not been using this stuff all along?" The problem is, primer is pretty expensive. With most of the best quality products costing around £20 per tube, it’s not exactly top on a student’s shopping list.

First things first, if you’re one of those gals with the kind of naturally radiant skin that most of us can merely dream of (in other words, you see no need for foundation or concealer in your day-to-day life), then don’t bother with primer. You probably don’t need it and, realistically, as students we’ve got to prioritise. If, however, like many students, you suffer from blemish-prone skin or acne, primer might just become your new best friend. Let’s get down to the nitty gritty: which primer should you buy? Right at the top of the list, Smashbox is pretty much renowned as the Queen of Primer, offering specific variations for every type of skin. From colour correcting, to pore minimising, to blemish control, Smashbox has the perfect primer to revolutionise your beauty regime. Okay, okay, I hear what you’re saying, "there’s no way I’m spending 25 quid on something I didn’t even know I needed"- fair play. There are some pretty decent cheap alternatives out there. At just £7.99, Maybelline’s ‘Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser is much more affordable and will definitely do the trick. Granted, it won’t be as life changing as a more professional brand, but it will leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and makeup-ready (like a baby’s, I’m guessing?) and is definitely a bargain.

If you don’t suffer from acne, but struggle to make your makeup last, there is another product out there with your name on it. Whether you’re a hard-core party animal and need your makeup to last you through the night, or you lead a super busy and active lifestyle and tend to find your makeup fading, fear not! Setting spray could be the answer to your woes. Yes, I know it’s not technically a primer but trust me, it does what is says on the tin. With the same protecting quality as a primer, setting spray goes on before or after you apply your makeup and magically glues it into place. All you need is one quick spray.

Sounds pretty easy, right? Mac and Urban Decay both do really great setting sprays and, though they are also expensive (between £17 and £21 per bottle), you only need one spray per use, so this bottle will go a long way. A really long way. My friend’s bottle of Mac Fix+ Spray is still going strong a year and a half after the big purchase and she’s never looked back. So, there’s the perfect primer out there for all of you. Whether you want the answer to your acne agonies, or simply want your makeup to last as long as you do, you need not suffer in silence any longer. Get out there and enjoy the prime of your life! (Sorry, I couldn’t resist).


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