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Campus Celeb: Faiza Barre

Our Campus Celeb this week is Faiza Barre. Faiza is the chair of Somali Women’s Voice in Bristol. She presents a radio show between 6 and 7pm every Sunday, BCFM Radio 93.2. Faiza gives talks all around the world about her own experiences with forced marriage, FGM and honor violence. She now works as a midwife in Bristol whilst using her radio show to support women facing violence and injustice today.

Follow her on twitter at @MuhiimaB and be sure to listen to her radio show too.

Alex is one of the two CC's for Her Campus Bristol. She is passionate about creating an online magazine which is both funny and accessible but also political and controversial. Alex wants to encourage all writers to write the unwritten and not be afraid to voice all their opinions. She is a keen feminist and enjoys having Her Campus as a space for young women in Bristol to express their freedom on and off campus. xoxo
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