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Campus Celeb: Camilla Cofie

This week I interviewed one of the 2016 Fuze models, Camilla Cofie. Fuze is an entirely student-run fashion, dance and music event that raises awareness and money for a particular charity every year. This year, all of Fuze’s profits will go to Ditch the Label – an anti-bullying initiative. The event’s theme is Alice in Wonderland and will take place on the 26th & 27th of February 2016 at the Passenger Shed.

What made you interested in joining Fuze 2016?

I first heard about Fuze during the Freshers Fair in my first year and then again in my second year, but I never really thought to audition. Then in third year I decided to try something new and fun and thought that it would be a good way to meet new people as it’ll be my last year in Bristol. My friends went to the show last year and said that it was really good too, so I thought why not try out!

Are there any specifications required to audition as a model?

Anyone can try out as long as you show your personality. There are a big mix of people – not everyone is the stereotypical “model”.

What were auditions like?

Auditions were held in the sports hall in October. You just had to do a walk, have your photo taken and then if you got through the first round, they ask you to come for a call-back. For call-backs, we had to do a number of walks, both individually and in groups and some with props.

(Photo Credit: Ben Depla)

Have you had any previous modelling experience?

No, I had no idea what I was doing. I just walked and that was it. I was so nervous, so I just focused on not tripping over. Over time I think I’ve become a bit more confident with my walk.

What have you been up to with Fuze so far?

I’ve done a lot of photo-shoots aimed at promoting Fuze and the charity that we’re raising money for.

What have the photo-shoots been like?

We’ve done one shoot to meet the models, which was Alice in Wonderland themed, a couple of basic headshots, which I think will go on the website at a later date and one shoot for Ditch the Label. We also have a video-shoot coming up soon, which I’m really looking forward to.

(Photo Credit: Ben Depla)

What kind of clothes will you be wearing?

We’ll be wearing clothes mostly from local designers, some fashion graduates and small businesses. There’s a whole range of clothing, including underwear and swimwear.

How do you feel about being a Fuze model?

I’m really excited and happy to be doing something so fun and different to anything else I’ve ever done before. In third year I just want to get involved with as many things as I can for the experience and the opportunity to meet new people before university ends. I really recommend anyone to just try out for auditions in the following year. 

Maesya is the Campus Celebrity Collumnist for Her Campus Bristol.She is a huge health and fitness advocate and a massive dog lover!
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