Burberry Festive Film 2016

Burberry, the British fashion label founded back in 1856 by a twenty year-old Thomas Burberry, presents their annual festive film titled “The Tale of Thomas Burberry” to celebrate the 160th anniversary of the brand. Through a series of stunning and beautiful scenes, the short film illustrates the origins of the brand with the discoveries of Burberry and the historical events that have shaped Burberry’s history.    

To give a little bit of background to the brand: even though all the clothing and accessories eventually became fashion items, they started as a much more practical objects. The first scenes of this film show Thomas’ discovery of gabardine (a waterproof, highly resistant fabric) and the creation of the waterproof coat which proved to be an indispensable item in long expeditions or voyages and for us on those rainy days too! From that moment on, this short movie describes how Burberry’s enthusiasm and innovation encouraged many individuals to fulfil their dreams, an inspiring message to brighten the season and get us into the Christmas spirit!

(Photo Credit: www.theinspirationroom.com)

Romance, passion, drama and reality come together to create this amazing movie, capturing the history of the British fashion brand and the life of its founder. This advert is an absolute gem, probably one of the best pieces of cinematography ever produced for a fashion brand.

If only all ads were like this one, I’d never want to click the skip button!