Bristol's Best Rainy Day Activities

Let’s face it, in Bristol it rains a lot. There is nothing worse than waking up at the weekend, looking out the window and facing gloomy grey skies. Here is the ultimate list of activities to do in Bristol to tackle rainy day boredom.

1) Play minigolf at Jungle Rumble adventure golf

This minigolf course in based in the middle of Cabot Circus, making it perfect to grab a bite to eat or go shopping afterwards.

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2) Have a cider at The Apple

The cider at this bar is exceptional and many of the ciders are locally brewed. If it couldn’t get cooler, the pub is on an actual boat with picturesque views of the harbour.

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3. See an exhibition at the Arnolfini

Entrance to this art gallery is completely free and there is always something going on! With a café and a bookshop also inside, this makes the perfect rainy day trip.

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4. Stroke some cats at Bristol’s famous cat pub, Bag of Nails

Combine the two best things in life and have a pint whilst stroking a cat.

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5. Warm up in Bar Chocolat

This quaint café in Clifton sells the best hot chocolates in Bristol! On a cold and rainy day, a trip here will definitely warm your cockles.

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6. @ Bristol

Even if you’re not into science, @ Bristol provides an interactive experience that’s not just fun for kids.

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7. Bowl, eat and drink at The Lanes

The Lanes has it all - with a bar and a bowling alley, this is great for a rainy evening’s entertainment. They also host fun club nights.

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8. Have a coffee and play board games at The Playground Coffee House

This is by far my favourite café in Bristol. With swings for seats, great coffee and tonnes of board games available to play, you can easily spend hours here.

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9. Check out the wildlife at Bristol Aquarium

This one is slightly pricier, however if you love wildlife a day trip here is a perfect escape from the rain.

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