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Best Food to Eat While Skiing

The ski season is among us! With almost 1 million people from the UK skiing every year, and 2000 soon to embark of UBSC Ski trip, it may be one of the most popular sports for us Brits to take part in. There are many aspects of snowsports that people enjoy – the adrenaline rush as you tip of the edge of the slope, the astounding views of mountains and trees covered in a dusting of snow, or, the grub. The food can be such an important part of skiing, as both fuel but also just for pleasure. However, when faced with a foreign menu and cripplingly poor language skills, deciding on a filling and traditional lunch can be tricky. Therefore, here is a list of common, traditional and delicious foods, from 3 conventional skiing destinations to help you out.



– Tartiflette

This is one of my all time favourite dishes. Comprised of potato, double cream, onion, garlic, bacon lardons and Reblochon, this is an extremely warming and opulent dish to eat on the mountains. It is often served with bread, salad and chacuterie, but is utterly delicious on its own.

(Image: https://www.enviedebienmanger.fr/fiche-recette/recette-tartiflette-)

– Raclette

Raclette is a well-known favourite. You may well have seen videos making the round on the internet, of waiters scraping melted cheese wheels onto meat and potatoes; this is raclette. While the cheese delicacy isn’t always melted and scraped off infront of you, this is a warming dish which is such a treat after an intense morning of skiing.

(Image: https://dc.eater.com/2016/11/22/13708636/best-raclette-dc-cheese-winter)

– Fondue Savoyarde

Another cheesy feast; this time completed melted and combined with white wine and garlic. This is often served with chunks of baguette, that are dipped into the cheese. This is served best with a glass of white wine to compliment the wine in the cheese.

(Image: https://www.saveurs-magazine.fr/fondue-savoyarde/)

– Drinks – Genepi + Chocolat Chaud avec Rum

The list of drinks to pair with your meals in France is far from exhaustive. While a delicious glass of French wine is what often springs to mind to drink on the Alps, there any many other often overlooked. Genepi is a traditional herbal liqueur that is highly popular in the Alpine regions of Frnace, and is extremely warming. Hot chocolate with rum isn’t exclusive to the French alps, however its something that’s extremely suitable for those cold wintery days when you want both chocolate and booze.

(Image: http://recette1.supertoinette.com/67553/thumb/800/-/67553-genepi.jpg)

– Desserts – Tarte Tatin

France is famous for its pastry and sweets, so there any many desserts on menus you should endeavour to try. Tarte Tatin is a favourite all over France. The upside-down pastry is covered in caramelised fruits, usually apples, and served with ice-cream, Chantilly cream or crème-anglais.

(Image: https://scm-assets.constant.co/swm/9a888e72fca371869e751ab34491d024/4387…


– Käsespätzle

This is carbohydrate heaven – some might know it as Mac ‘n’ cheese a la Austria. Cheese, pasta twirls and onions are all combined to make a delicious and filling meal. The cheese is extra stretchy, as it is mixed with the cheese and butter while still warm, making for the perfect cheese-pull insta.

(Image: https://cdn.austria.info/media/17083/thumbnails/00000029970-kaesenocken-…

– Tiroler Gröstl

This is the Austrian answer to a breakfast hash or bubble and squeak, Tiroler Gröstl is comprised of onions, bacon and meat, all sautéed in a pan, all topped off with a fried egg. While this certainly isn’t the healthiest of meals, its such a great one paired with a beer, perfectly lining your stomach before a late afternoon of apres.

(Image: https://www.gutekueche.at/img/rezept/742/tiroler-groestl.jpg)

– Wiener Schnitzel

This is one of the most famous of Austrian foods. It is a thin, breaded, pan-fried veal cutlet, which is often served alongside salad and/or chips. If you are against eating veal, it is often made with pork as well. Once more it can be perfectly paired with a beer to warm the cockles.

(Image: http://www.homecookingadventure.com/recipes/wiener-schnitzel)

– Drinks – Jägertee + Beer

Austria is one of the best places for apres – and an Austrian beer is a great place to start. If you would like something as little more warming, Jägertee is a drink made of rum, red wine, plum brandy, orange juice, tea and various spices, served warm – if you like mulled wine you will love this slightly more alcoholic version!

(Image: https://smakjakt.se/media/zoo/images/Fotolia_59334180_M_b61612e90bbd1d90…)

– Desserts –  Palatschinken + Kaiserschmarn

There are so many delicious Austrian desserts to try – it was extremely hard to narrow it down to just two. Palatschinken is a  thin crêpe-like variety of pancake common in Central and Eastern Europe, and extremely common on the menus of the Austrian alps. Prepared with maple syrup, butter, fruits, or a lot of other things, this is a highly versatile dessert, that can be a real treat after a hard days skiing. Kaiserschmarn is not to be confused with the aforementioned Käsespätzle. The pancake based dessert is thought to be derived from Emporer Francis Joseph’s visit to the alps, where a nervous farmer threw his fanciest ingredients into a pan, and out of nervousness scrambled the pancake.   Hoping to cover up the mess he then covered it with plum jam; and now we have the delicious dessert that is an Austrian staple.

(Image: https://www.woman.at/_storage/asset/5589579/storage/womanat:key-visual/f…)


– Fondue

Though the French version of this has already made its way onto this list, the Swiss Fondue is one of the most notorious Swiss dishes, and as such deserves its place on here. These are extremely similar, but once more the delicious cheesy taste is a perfect addition to an afternoon on the slopes.

(Image: https://cdn.cpnscdn.com/static.coupons.com/ext/kitchme/images/recipes/60…)

– Käseschnitte/Croute au Fromage

This is essentially a Swiss cheese on toast, with the addition of ham, fried egg and onions. The dish can be found in a number of places in the alps, and is washed down well with a glass of white wine or a beer.

(Image: https://images.contentful.com/l9qj50bqgqik/bild_5144/9cc3b620b10e17e36f4…)

– Rosti

Rosti is another well-known dish on the list. Made by frying potatoes, it often accompanies meat dishes or can be eaten as a breakfast food. This carb-loaded food is the perfect way to fuel yourself for your afternoons of skiing.

(Image: http://img.taste.com.au/suIsYISp/w720-h480-cfill-q80/taste/2016/11/chris…)

– Drinks – Glűwein

This is another famous name on the list. Roughly translated as ‘glowing wine’ this warm beverage is a great wintery treat to really warm you up in the coldest of conditions.

(Image: https://www.jacadatravel.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/gluwein-700×394.jpg)

– Desserts – Bűndnernusstorte/engadinernusstorte

Bűndnernusstorte is a delicious shortcrust pastry, with a filling of caramalized sugar, heavy cream or milk and coarsely chopped nuts (often walnuts). This can be served alone or with cream and is such a filling pudding, utterly satisfying when accompanied with a view of the mountains.

(Image: https://www.kuechengoetter.de/uploads/media/630×630/05/73305-engadiner-n…)

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