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Bailey Melvin-Teng

How would you describe your personal style? 

Pretty eclectic, I wouldn’t say I have a particular style. On a daily basis I’ll either wear something easy, comfy and usually monochrome, or something a bit more kooky and 90’s in style. A friend once described me as looking like an extra out of Scooby Doo and I’d say that fits me pretty well! 

Who are your style icons? 

I wouldn’t say any celebrities are particularly my style icons, but I follow a lot of fashion and style blogs. My favourites would be hellsbells, gladydorisdave, whowhatwear and waiste. I also always take notice of what other people are wearing around Bristol, street style is usually the best place to get inspiration from! 

What are your favourite trends this season/year? 

At the moment I’m really loving slip on vans-style shoes- they’re so comfy! I also really like the metallics/irridescent thing thats happening at NY fashion week at the moment- I can’t wait for that to hit the high street.

Where are your favourite places to shop? 

Charity shops are a must, especially living in Bristol. I’ve found some really nice things in the ones on Cotham Hill. Loot is also a favourite- it’s a vintage type shop next to Cabot Circus that’s well worth a visit. I really like Gloucester road to shop on as well. Having said that, I can never resist the Topshop sales!

What styles or look do you like on the opposite sex? 

Um, this is tricky. I quite like something a bit quirky, but put together. I guess I like a shirt and jeans, but really it depends on the individual. 

What accessory or item of clothing could you not live without?

Hmmm either my Doc Martins or Dungarees. I have far too many pairs of dungarees for one person!

Mhairi studies English Literature at the University of Bristol and so spends a lot of her waking hours reading novels, plays, essays and poetry. Also writing; she has written for Inter:Mission, the university's culture magazine, and sporadically writes something vaguely remembling poetry...Her desk commands a sweeping view of the city in all its glory, and from her room she likes to listen in on the conversations of the people in the street below (actually, she doesn't have much choice; student house = single glazing). While she loves Bristol, she likes to escape the city (and people) most weekends and regularly haunts the Lake District or Snowdonia with the Expeditions Society.
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