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7 Tunes You Need to Hear This Week

Summer is approaching and with it comes a ton of new music releases. This may be the makings of a great revision playlist, but these are mostly the tunes you’ll want to hear when you’re frolicking in the sun during breaks. Here’s what to listen to this week:


99.9% is Kaytranada’s first full-length LP after over 5 years of music production. A huge mix of artists have contributed their vocals to Kaytranada’s melodic and funky tunes, from Vic Mensa to Syd the Kyd of The Internet. The whole album runs like a dream, a cohesive mix of complex percussion, R&B and soul sensibilities. Wind up or wind down to it, it’s a banger.


James Blake

“The Colour in Anything” is deeply deeply sad. Mellow times, heart wrenching at others, it came out (somewhat appropriately) in the middle of a rainy interlude between 22 degree days. His melancholic voice matches perfectly with electronica beats mixed with Blake alone at the piano. One to sit in the late afternoon sun with.



Tokimonsta crept back into the limelight in March with Fovere, a chilled out, undemanding listen which is great to have on in the background while you work. With a quick runtime, Fovere is a well rounded, pleasant, and undoubtedly easy EP to listen too.


Glass Animals

Glass Animals have been largely under the radar since they released “Zaba” in 2014, but now something’s stirring. Last week their social media presence completely changed  its look – and this is no coincidence. The one minute snippet they’ve released of upcoming material is eclectic and very very exciting. A mature progression from their old sound, their new stuff is equally controlled and well constructed, but absolutely wild by comparison.



“Moon Shaped Pool” came out in the aftermath of Radiohead’s social media shutdown, and under complete secrecy, Stokes Croft based animators Jacknife were responsible for the video for “Burn the Witch”, the first song from the album. Conceived and created from scratch to completion in two weeks, the children’s show style animation is an inappropriately light hearted accompaniment to otherwise dark content, but this creepy mix is what makes it so great.


Twin Peaks

Upbeat indie rock band Twin Peaks have just released Down in Heaven, a casual, chilled out, easy to like LP. Their sound has toned down somewhat, and their retro charm is a perfect match for Bristol’s sunnier days. Low-key and fun, this is the soundtrack to the movie montage of your summer.



Metronomy’s album is coming on July 1, and after listening to “Old Skool”, you know it’ll be filled with summer party anthems. “Old Skool” has a dirty, grungy sound which is more akin to their earlier more techno-y debut “Pip Paine” and its follow up “Nights Out” than to the tastefully lightweight and melancholic “Love Letters”. “Old Skool” is heavier and dirtier, and hopefully the following album will be too.

Tash is the deputy lifestyle editor of Her Campus Bristol. She is a second year English student hailing from Landan town - Her favourite pastimes include browsing the internet looking for her summer holiday destinations and walking everywhere. She enjoys interior design and thinking about space.
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