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6 of the Best Spring Trends

The clocks are set to hop forward on the 30th March, which means it is time for a spring clean. Grab a bin liner, put your Monday morning playlist on full blast and raid your wardrobe. After a washout winter, spring is here and the high street is in full blossom, ready to refresh your dampened style. 

Here are my six spring essentials, as seen at high-end brands like Prada, but at Primark prices.

1)The Crop Top

If you’ve slipped this 90s classic into the bin liner and donated it to one of the charity shops on Cotham Hill you might want to try and renegotiate– sorry, blame it on me. Don’t be put off if you don’t have Miranda Kerr’s perfect toned tum; a pair of high wasted shorts or cigarette trousers makes for the perfect concealing combo, as Henry Holland expertly demonstrates below.

Where can I get one? American Apparel, Primark or Topshop.

2) Culottes

Conventionalists might argue that these should be left on the catwalk, but kudos to anyone who can rock them in the street. Benefits include making your legs look slimmer. For an easier-to-wear look, try culotte shorts in a chiffon material. I should warn you, however, that appropriate underwear is essential– let’s just say the wide leg opening can provide quite the exhibition. They really should come with a disclaimer…

Pop online to ASOS for a look.

3) Embellishment

Undoubtedly my favourite trend of spring 2014. Whether you want a new pair of shoes, a jumper or a statement necklace, the high street has embellished it. The E stands for everything, so go wild! This is a rare fashion opportunity to be both individual and on trend.

For extensive accessories inspiration take a look at accessoryo.com

4) Pastels

Like embellishment, pastel colours can be incorporated into any look. The Pantone Color Institute has compiled a definitive guide to the colour tones we should be modelling this spring: placid blue, violet tulip, hemlock (an ornamental green), sand and paloma (a neutral grey).

Try teaming up one of the other key trends, for example a crop top in a pastel colour. That way you’ve perfected two looks and saved yourself pennies #winning.

5) Pleated Skirts

You’re forgiven if you read this and think, ‘No, I battled ten years of school wearing a pleated skirt and there is no chance I’m about to voluntarily wear one again.’ However, this season’s pleated skirts really are charming. I was won over when I tried one on in H&M. I challenge you to not feel chic, sharp and virtually vogue when you try one too (go on, I dare you).

This pastel pink pleated dream is available from H&M.

6) The Shift Blouse

The shift blouse is like any standard t-shirt with sleeves shorter than the elbow and a round neck. The defining feature is higher quality, blouse-like fabric. In plain talking turkey terms, it’s a sophisticated t-shirt. Why is it worth the hassle? Firstly, it’s a sensible investment: it can be worn day to night, spring to autumn and layered or lonely. It’s the very definition of versatile! Secondly, it is flattering for any body shape. If you’re an apple or pear or any other non-fruity body type, string it together with a pair of skinnies and you’re a spring sensation.

Here’s one from Zara…

And there you have it, a snappy spring fashion run-down! So what are you waiting for? Cabot Circus is calling. 


Photo Credits: Vogue.co.uk, Asos.com, Accessoryo.com, H&M.com, Zara.com

Emily is reading Law at the University of Bristol. 'Reading' being the choice word as she spends hours trundling through cases, statutes and articles (sadly not the entertaining Her Campus-esque types). "Work hard play hard is her motto" and there is no better place to play than Bristol. A little exotic, Emily grew up in Lanzarote (a dusty but sunny little island just off the coast of Africa) where she learnt to perfect Spanish and the rolling r that goes with it. Emily has a thirst for travelling which she quenches visiting obscure lands such as Harare, Zimbabwe. If there is a rare moment to breathe, she spends it glued to 'Girls' or the deliciousness of Harvey Specter on 'Suits'.
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