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5 Underrated Sad Songs to Mourn the Loss of GBBO’s Selasi

This week we lost our super chilled baker/biker/banker Selasi Gbormittah from The Great British Bake Off. His skill to stay calm as he approached the gingham alter was underappreciated by Mary and Paul and so are these underrated songs from 5 lesser known artists. 

1. ‘Lighthouse’ by Patrick Watson.

  • Recently featured in the new Ikea advert, Canadian singer-songwriter Patrick Watson’s ‘Lighthouse’ features stunning vocals accompanied by a striking piano part.

2. ‘Disaster’ by Kal Lavelle.

  • Irish singer Kal Lavelle’s ‘Disaster’ has powerful lyrics that are complimented by her beautiful voice. Kal has supported Ed Sheeran in the past and is definitely one to watch.

3. ‘Explosion’ by Soak.

  • Soak, A.K.A Bridie Monds-Watson, is a young singer from Northern Ireland. Her simple song ‘Explosion’ shows off her distinctive tone.

4. ‘Mama Says’ by Ibeyi.

  • Introduced on Jools Holland last year, French-Cuban twins Lisa-Kaindé and Naomi Diaz form Ibeyi. The song’s evocative melody and harmonies are highlighted by minimal accompaniment.

5. ‘I’m Like the Paper’ by Nancy Elizabeth.

  • Folk singer Nancy Elizabeth’s ‘Im Like the Paper’ is haunting and unusual. With her pure vocals and harp this song is like a stripped back Florence and the Machine.


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