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5 Female Artists to get you in the Academic Groove

Getting back into the swing of things is hard. Serena Basra puts together a female-inspired playlist to help you dive right into the new term.

1. Kate Bush – Wuthering Heights

You don’t need to be on the tortured moors to float your way through this masterpiece. Twirl around in front of your desk (extra points if you are in the ASS Library) and feel that energy flow to the tips of your fingertips as you commence your seminar work.

2. Nina Simone – Feeling Good  You lay on your bed and wearily eye the massive pile of reading on your desk that is due tomorrow. You’re feeling everything aside from good. Fear not! Nina is here to carry you through the evening of work.

3. Maya Jane Coles – What They Say (Original Mix) All your friends are at Motion and you have made the sensible decision to prioritise your reading. Find a new way to dance, this time with language and numbers (woohoo!), as you chill out to this Maya Jane Coles mix.

4. Rihanna – Umbrella You look out the window of the library and see it is raining. The trudge back home from Wills Memorial seems daunting but who needs an umbrella when you have Rihanna? Dance home to dinner and be proud of this day’s work.

5. La Roux – In For The Kill The end is near. It’s coming up to Friday, your final tutorial of the week, and you are feeling FINE. Throw this tune on and pound down Woodland Road as you triumph over your 9am.

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