12 #TrapCovers and the Problem with "White Versions"

It's an unfortunate trend that sweeps across Youtube the second that a song becomes popular that isn't suitably mainstream or Anglicised. It's the rise of the "indie cover", the slowed down rap, the horrendous male acapella choir version of Fetty Wap's 'Trap Queen'. Basically, every time a song comes out that isn't demonstrably for a white audience, white people throw caution to the wind and take it anyway.

Enter Beyoncé's 'Formation', and Rihanna's 'Work'. Never have two songs been less targeted at a white audience - and yet, it didn't take long before there were "emotional", stripped back versions popping up all over the internet, anglicising Rihanna's Bajan Creole and diluting Beyoncé's Black Power message. You might argue that there's nothing wrong with this and, though I'd disagree with you, I'd also point out that a primary problem is that there are core messages and cultural implications that come with including AAVE or creole in song lyrics, and removing these strips it of its original meaning. Furthermore, it leads to incredibly problematic comments such as this:

Removing any language that is uninterpretable to white listeners is at best, mildly disrespectful, and at worst, outright racist. As Taj Rani wrote in an article for Billboard, “Work” -- much like Beyonce’s “Formation” -- is an example of an unapologetic black woman proudly showing her heritage at a time when our politics are dominated by #BlackLivesMatter and Donald Trump’s racist, xenophobic and misogynistic tirades. Black culture is often only recognized after it’s been appropriated by the mainstream, but Rihanna puts it front and center."

So, to redress the balance, Black Twitter, in all its musical glory, cleared its throat and released clip after clip of the "trap covers" they'd like to see more of.
Here are some of the best. 

1. @NathanZed - 'Hey Jude' (The Beatles)


Hey Jude - The Beatles (#TrapCover) inspired by the acoustic covers of Beyonce's "Formation" pic.twitter.com/WjYJ0ne0Wx

— Nathan Zed (@NathanZed) February 25, 2016

2. @ILLCapitano94 - 'A Thousand Miles' (Vanessa Carlton)

okay guys. my first cover ever :) "A Thousand Miles" by Vanessa Carlton #TrapCover pic.twitter.com/ql6yfNrboE

— Captain Kirk (@ILLCapitano94) February 26, 2016

3. @vunezza - 'Spongebob Squarepants Theme'

We wildin' #TrapCover pic.twitter.com/WSswXPv9Xs

— vanessa (@vunezza) February 26, 2016

4. @meechonmars - 'You Belong With Me' (Taylor Swift)

My #TrapCover of " You Belong With Me " By Taylor Swift pic.twitter.com/7pkYaG196k

— happiness loading... (@meechonmars) February 26, 2016

5. @LaJethroJenkins - 'Baby One More Time' (Britney Spears)

Had to do it. Britney Spears "Baby One More Time" #TrapCover pic.twitter.com/PbFP1rKX2P

— OMG, LaJethro (@LaJethroJenkins) February 26, 2016

6. @monstta - 'Hello' - (Adele)

Hello - Adele (#TrapCover) ft. @TheePharoah pic.twitter.com/ProIAVJ5mS

— Bruh. (@monstta) February 26, 2016

7. @Itskimsanity - 'Hollaback Girl' (Gwen Stefani)

@ILLCapitano94 #TrapCover Gwen Stefani's Hollaback girl  (I'm actually so proud of this ) pic.twitter.com/xL49bmtCGj

— Kim™ (@Itskimsanity) February 26, 2016

8. @Hurrikane_IKE - 'America The Beautiful' (Katharine Lee Bates)

#trapcover "America The Beautiful" Francis Scott Key-Mix ft @HisFavPixie pic.twitter.com/omX85bPtvt

— Francis Scott Kilo (@Hurrikane_IKE) February 26, 2016

9. @NathanZed - 'The Star Spangled Banner' (American National Anthem)

Couldn't sleep til I made a #TrapCover of The Star Spangled Banner #BHM pic.twitter.com/JI5uynMx3g

— Nathan Zed (@NathanZed) February 26, 2016

10. @chobberoni - 'Hey There Delilah' (Plain White T's)

#TrapCover "Hey There Delilah" - Plain white T's pic.twitter.com/BF2x6PW22W

— Corey (@chobberoni) February 26, 2016

11. @iamTresor - 'All In This Together' (High School Musical)

HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL #TrapCover  pic.twitter.com/vfvoE0NtO4

— Papi Tré (@iamTresor) February 26, 2016

12. @kyeoshin - 'Back to Black' (Amy Winehouse) 

#TrapCovers amy winehouse back to black x trick daddy nann pic.twitter.com/GzFH8lldhb

— (3) (@kyeoshin) February 26, 2016