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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Brighton chapter.

With international travel on pause due to lockdown, our bucket lists aren’t getting any shorter; if anything, they are getting longer! Even though our focus is on staying at home for the time being and remaining local, it’s easy to spend time dreaming of your next travel destination. 

So, here are some travel destinations to inspire your next lockdown daydream:


Japan is a must-visit country in Asia and one of my favourites! Japan is full of so much culture and history paired with the newest technology and developments, from robots to sushi to temples, there is something for everyone!

When visiting, Mount Fuji is something every tourist needs to witness due to being one of Japan’s most recognisable landscapes and the countries highest mountain peak towering at 3.776 metres. This famous mountain is climbed by millions of people each year for fun and even for pilgrimage. You can even see the sunrise from its summit!

The Imperial Palace in Tokyo is also another must-see attraction for tourists. This famous temple is where the Emperor of Japan used to live, and it also functions as a museum to showcase Japanese art and history. The palace has a fascinating history, but a beautiful traditional Japanese garden also surrounds it, and it even has a few reception and function rooms to welcome guests.

The final must-see attraction is the Sensō-ji Temple, also located in Tokyo. This temple is the city’s most famous shrine, dedicated to Kannon, the Buddhist goddess of compassion. What is fascinating about the temple is the doves which are said to be Kannon’s sacred messengers. If you do go here, be sure to drop a coin in the Omikuji boxes near the entrance, from which you can retrieve a piece of paper that will tell you your future.


You can’t travel to Europe and not visit Italy! This gorgeous country has so much to offer, from its famous cuisine to its attractions and romantic language.

In Rome, Italy’s capital, this iconic city is famous for being one of the world’s most historic and romantic cities. To begin your trip, the first attraction on your bucket list should be the Trevi Fountain (Fontana di Trevi in Italian) and tossing in a coin for good luck or even live your Lizzie Mcguire dream. 

When in Rome, the Colosseum is another must-visit attraction. This is the main symbol of Rome and an important piece of architecture with almost 2000 years of history; it is also one of the world’s Seven Wonders. This attraction is perfect for visiting if you’re interested in history, and you can even take a guided tour to learn more.

Another famous Roman attraction is the Spanish Steps. They are called the Spanish Steps because of the Spanish Embassy and were built to connect the Embassy and the Trinita Dei Monti church. These steps are perfect for taking pictures, but the only rule is you can’t sit on them!

And of course, no trip to Italy is complete without eating Gelato (Italian ice cream) with various delicious flavours to tickle your taste buds and a shopping trip at all of the high-end boutiques.


Australia, also the land of Chris Hemsworth. This country may be far away, but it’s definitely worth the travel. Australia is full of diverse landscapes and friendly locals, making this travel destination very popular among tourists. Whether you are looking for an island getaway, a unique cultural experience, or even just an adrenaline fix – Australia is the place to be. 

Melbourne is an exciting city in Australia with so much to do; it was also voted one of the world’s most liveable cities. You can visit several animal sanctuaries in Melbourne, including the Werribee Zoo Slumber Safari, where you stay overnight in an eco-tent amongst animals from Africa – which sounds like a dream come true!

Melbourne is also famous for its art galleries, such as the National Gallery of Victoria, Australia’s oldest and most visited gallery. But if you want a more modern art experience, ArtVo is an immersive ‘trick-art gallery’ in the city where you can step into a world of optical illusions and is perfect for taking quirky photos!

As well as visiting buzzing cities like Melbourne and the Queensland of the Gold Coast (which is also a must), the Whitsundays are also worth visiting. These islands are just off the coast of Queensland, and people from all over the world come only to see the white sands. You can also go snorkelling and surfing on these inhabited islands and even fly over the islands to see the Great Barrier Reef from the sky!

Now that I have inspired your next lockdown daydream, hopefully, when the restrictions are lifted these places will be at the top of your bucket lists! But in the meantime, time to snap back into reality.

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