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Whether it be conspiracy theories, true crime or educational, there is a vast range of podcasts for you to sink your teeth into. From 2020, the growth of podcasts have sky rocketed and now there is such a big variety, that anyone with a particular interest in a topic can find a podcast series they enjoy. If you’re new to podcasts or want to broaden your palette, here is a selection of podcasts that I live by and incorporate into my everyday life to really make me THAT GIRL.

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I first stumbled across Crime Junkie when working night shifts during the pandemic. Now for anyone who loves true crime stories then this is the podcast for you. Of course there are probably thousands of crime podcasts you could delve into but the reason why this particular podcast is special is because of the hosts. Ashley Flowers and her former co-host Brit Prawat knew how to tell a captivating story whilst displaying compassion for the victims to such an extent that in more recent episodes, the hosts branch their skills outward by interviewing some surviving victims. Crime Junkie covers such a variety of true crime like serial killers, missing cases to even conspiracy theories! You may be thinking, wow those are some heavy topics to listen to on your mundane walk around campus. Listening to Crime Junkie doesn’t make you feel like that. Ashley and Brit’s close friendship translate into their episodes when they’re discussing cases, an hour of true crime can feel like 10 minutes when the audience is made to feel as though you’re discussing theories of a case with your own friends.


As a women in her 20’s, The Matcha Diaries is a podcast truly comforting and heartwarming. Each week the hosts, Cara and Leo cover a new topic which essentially forms a ‘guide to surviving your twenties’. They discuss a range of topics such as developing self-love and navigating relationships. Understandably, you could find more specific well-being and mental health podcasts to listen to for your current situation in life but I truly believe The Matcha Diaries host’s become a theoretical older sister to help guide you throughout life’s complications. Life at any age, let alone in your twenties can be incredibly confusing and difficult. It is a period of time where you may leave your home town, fall in or out of love for the first time whilst trying to figure out what on earth you want to do with your life. Cara and Leo sharing their own experiences as well as some guest experiences helps you, the listener, feel more calm about your life. The podcast offers comfort in the sense that you can listen to different episodes and perhaps come across a similar experience you have faced or are facing it, in short their openness to sharing helps you feel more ‘normal’ in an ‘abnormal’ world.

Black and Gay, back in the day

Undeniably, the presence of the Black community bought about unprecedented change and activism for the LGBTQIA+ community and this podcast presents that. Taking on a different educational approach to other podcasts, Black and Gay, Back in the Day bring photo archives of the black LGVTQIA+ community to life from the 1970s to the early 2000s in Britain. Marc Thompson, alongside a rotation of younger hosts, present a different theme drawn from these archives that creates an intergenerational journey for the listener. As someone in the LGTBQIA+ community, this podcast was vital in my own learning and understanding of black history and the community. Unlike the previous podcasts listed, Black and Gay, Back in the Day serves as a historical and educational podcast. Touching base on issues surrounding homophobia, racism and sexual discrimination, it helps the listener build a more integral understanding of such history.

The Girls Bathroom

So we have covered true crime, well-being and educational but what we have not discussed yet is a gossip podcast. This is where The Girls Bathroom becomes the one for you. Presented by Sophia and Cinzia who are life-long best friends, The Girls Bathroom is a podcast that helps with your dilemmas in life. Just like a ‘girls bathroom’, this podcast is a hub for gossip and discussions on situationships, relationships and everything in-between. Hosted every Wednesday and accompanied by their Youtube channel, Sophia and Cinzia ask their audience to send in their dilemmas to be potentially discussed on the podcast (don’t worry you can be anonymous). Obviously I do not live and die by this podcasts simply because I don’t care too much if Harry cheated on Sally BUT with that being said, this is a fun lighthearted podcast to have in the background whether that be when I’m getting ready or driving to work! Plus you’ll be surprised at how many of your friends also listen to this particular podcast which potentially gives you something to gossip about.

Provided above is a small starting point for your podcast addiction. I hope something here interests you enough to check it out, you never know, it could lead you to a podcast you can’t live without!

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