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98 million cups of coffee are drank in the UK, every day. I am culprit to drinking one of those cups. Maybe two if I have a lot of work, or a long day ahead. 

In my eyes, I see coffee as a way to activate my working mindset, I feel the need for it, caffeine, the smell is even addicting. As soon as that familiar scent has reached me, I am ready for anything! It awakes my mind, my body, my everything! Well, it doesn’t really, it just makes me feel like Andy Sachs (the intern from Devil Wears Prada) and that I am living my dream, fantasy life running up and down a tower block of 45 flights of stairs, buying coffee with my own money for my boss, who actually can be quite rude to me sometimes, which in reflection, doesn’t sound that magical does it? 

I feel like coffee has become a symbol for a hard working person, almost a label, a personality trait, someone who is passionate about their work, their career. I mean without coffee are you even working hard, are you even trying? 


But really, why is it all of a sudden a necessity to drink coffee whilst attending uni or your workplace. I know people who drink coffee and don’t even like it. I’m not complaining, as I am definitely pro-coffee! The more coffee drinkers the better. I don’t really know why I think that, it’s not like it affects me anyway, but I just enjoy coffee and I think I’d like others to share that joy with. I guess in some ways, it is a communal thing that can bring us together. I love sitting with my friends in a coffee shop whilst sipping on a sweet, velvety iced vanilla latte with oat milk (that’s my go to), preferably out of a straw if I’m lucky. Just talking, laughing, and sometimes sitting in silence together. It’s nice. 

My obsession began in lockdown, when the ‘whipped iced coffee’ trend became a viral almost delicacy, and well, mine never quite reached the level of artisan craftmanship others did, but I tried! I have also come to realise, after a quick google search, like now, that these coffees we craved are actually called Dalgona coffees, made of just the 4 simple ingredients of hot water, coffee, sugar and milk. 

In my head, I feel like there are three types of coffee drinkers. 

The hardcore, the caffeine addicts, and the connoisseurs.

The Hardcore: In my eyes these usually include the workaholics, office workers, nine till fivers, who sip black coffee straight out of their brown paper cup, like it’s nothing, you know, the ones in offices? (And trust me, its not nothing) I imagine them dressed in suits, gathered around the photocopier, in their sneaky 5 minute break they create, to save their eyes turning into squares, from staring at their computers for too long. Coffee cup in hand, having a cheeky gossip about Jo, who’s skirt is unusually shorter today than it has been any other day this week… maybe I’m being mean, stereotyping these hard workers to gossip about such thing… I also think that some very mentally strong, middle-aged, maybe menopausal, or women who have just retired, like to enjoy a black coffee, on a day-to-day basis. I know a few, but we won’t delve into that, for my own sake. 

Next, the Caffeine Addicts: Shamefully, I think this is me. I cannot go a morning without my natural stimulant to shake my de-motivated self off. I think this category is most coffee drinkers, uni students, people going into industries, those who are meeting deadlines, and completing projects. Maybe the creatives. This is probably you, or most of the people you know. Trying different flavours, but always having that one you love the most, a local at your nearest coffee shop, working away in that particular coffee shop, most days. This is actually me right now, I am sat in The Roastery in Brighton, (highly recommend) typing away and sipping on my favourite. 

Finally we have the Connoisseurs: In some ways, I think these are the people who are truly and authentically passionate about the creation of coffee. Perhaps a barista, a coffee shop owner, a stay at home wife who has a growing interest? I feel like these will be full of individuals who are mindful about the planet and their consumption of coffee, they make coffees at home to save money and try all the different latte arts, and actually, genuinely love making their perfect cup.  Visiting every cafe in their area, and maybe having a notebook or a blog where they rate and analyse each one, for their community of coffeeholics. For some reason I feel like my Dad will eventually fall into this category once he retires, you wouldn’t think it, as he currently works at EDF Energy in the control room, in fact he has been a Homer Simpson for a while now, may be he needs this transformation. He is always asking me for the top pubs, restaurants and coffee shops around Brighton for when he visits.

Anyways, after all this research and pondering on coffee, I think I have realised I probably spend way too much money on my daily dose and could begin making it at home. Who knows, maybe you’ll see me again writing about coffee and becoming a connoisseur! Then again, you’d probably find me crying for coffee. 

Poppy Williams 

poppy williams

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Hey! I am 20 years old and currently studying Fashion Communications with Business Studies at Brighton University. I take interests in fashion, dancing, music and writing pieces using my experiences to help others. I think connection and community is vital to living a happy, full life, and I believe that writing and creating a community like this one is so necessary to stay 'in the loop' and to feel part of something. Throughout my writing pieces I will produce poetry, give advice, fashion reviews and more. I hope you enjoy <3