A Young Precious Unicorn

Let me tell you a story of a mythical creature. 

On August 19, 1999 this young mythical creature was born. 

Something with two different genetic makeups unlike anyone has seen before. It wasn’t a horse or a pony. But, it was a young precious unicorn. 

This unicorn came from a well-rounded ground. A village full of love and chaos. But, the baby soon learned that she was nothing like the others on the merry-go-round. 

Her colors which made up her skin were as vibrant as the rainbow while everyone else's were either black or white. 

Coming from a village who did not like her rainbow skin, the young precious unicorn learned at an early age what it meant to be different in other’s eyes. 

She knew no place to fit in as she searches for a purpose in life. But, the young precious unicorn finds a love for telling stories and moving to the beat of her own drum.

Little did she know that everything she was made of would always follow her like a big shadow that seeks to haunt and only bring pain. 

But, she feels unstoppable as she is gifted with her profound knowledge. The young precious unicorn continues to remember every day that “everything is everything.”

As she carries on her journey as the only young precious unicorn on the merry-go-round.