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Would You Buy a Guacamole Bowl for $75?: A Brief Look at Ridiculous Campaign Merchandise

I think we all can agree that this year’s election goes down in the books as being one of the most radical ever. This year’s campaign have some of the most outrageous merchandise yet! Hillary Clinton has some the most unusual things to earn her votes for this 2016 election. She has a young adult picture of her on the shirt with the words “Yaaas, Hillary” selling for $30. Also, she is offering can koozies to her voters. They can be found under the name “Chillary Clinton Koozie Combo” and feature the slogan “More like Chillary Clinton, Amirite?” Clinton offers these to her supporters for only $5.  

Bernie Sanders has a “Feel the Bern Coffee Mug” that is available for $15, and a button is also for sale in the same design. 

Next, Rand Paul has Stand With Rand Car Mats with feet placement picture below the phrase built to withstand whatever “dirt” is thrown at them. A set of two goes for $70. Catchy idea to let anyone who enters your vehicle know that you stand with Rand. (Editor’s Note: It appears Rand Paul’s entire store has been removed.)

Though Donald Trump has done some pretty outrageous things during the campaign, his merchandise hasn’t been as outrageous as him. His “Make America Great Again” hat and red and white pompoms are created in hope that he will have some faithful cheerleaders along his quest to make America great again. 

Jeb Bush has one of the most unique campaign merchandises with his own Guaca Bowle that is selling for $75. Also featured on his website is the “My Dad” Tee for $25 which reads “My dad is the greatest man I’ve ever known and if you don’t think so we can step outside.” 


Dr. Ben Carson’s shirt is inspirational, featuring his slogan: “Keep Calm and Carson On” now on sale for only $17.50. 

For $10, Ted Cruz has his own coloring book called the Cruz Coloring Book filled with 28 pages to keep your kids entertained, I guess while also persuading them to vote for him? Who knows, but it’s available on his website. Senator Ted Cruz’s campaign website also features a “Sabo” collection, including a Straight Outta Congress Poster for $30 and Blacklisted and Loving It Poster for $50 that shows him as a convict…because we would definitely want our next President to be shown as a criminal, right?

Lastly, there is a “Marco Polo” for sale on Marco Rubio’s website for $45. Seriously. 


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