Won't Have it Any Other Way

I am a firm believer that nothing is a mistake, that everything happens for a reason and although the reason may not be clear in the moment, at the end of your “story” it will soon be noticeable why everything fell into place the way that it did. Like, there was a reason you were late to your 8 a.m. class, and there was a reason the really cute guy at Starbucks spelled your name wrong. Maybe being late to your 8 a.m. prevented you from getting in a car accident or that guy turns out to be your future husband because you stormed back in there, with your pumpkin spice latte, and you let him have it, and he fell in love with the outspokenness that your father use to tease you about …. okay to much?? Well you get my point. All I am trying to say is there is a reason that I am a freshman Resident Assistant.

When I applied to become an RA, I was being selfish and thinking about the benefits of having my own room, bathroom, and space. I was excited to be able to blast music, unbothered but little did I know unbothered does not even sound right night to the role of a freshman RA. Being a freshman RA is basically like have 20 younger sisters. Each and every one carrying a different personality with a different goal. Each and every one so curious and ready for what college life has to bring. And then there is me the RA, gently guiding them through the homesickness, the friend issues, the washer and dryer “problems” (a.k.a they never used one), the teammates dilemmas, the roommate negations, the stupid ex boyfriends, and any other issues that weighs heavy on their mind. The job of an RA is to relieve some of that weight and help them to have a peace of mind.  

After this first week, I realized that me becoming an RA was not a mistake because to be honest I thought they picked the wrong person. As move in day quickly approached, I begin to question my abilities. A million questions ran through my mind like: How would I deal with the crazy parents? What if they don’t like me? What if they don’t listen to me? What if something goes wrong and I can’t control it? The questions didn’t stop until I played at least 50 different scenarios of “what ifs” in my head. By that time, I was exhausted but I thought to myself…. I can do this and boy am I not only doing it, I am loving it.

Being a freshman RA is kind of like getting on a roller coast you have never been on before blindfolded. You never know what you are going to come home too and when they knock on your door, you never know what you are going to open up to. Sometimes it’s as simple as a conversation, a hug, or a friendly hey but other times it may be something serious but whatever it is and whatever situation I enter I always remember that we are all human. Just because I am an RA I do not make it seem like I am higher than them. I am just like them with a drop of authority but other than that I have bad days too. I have homework and practice. I get stressed out just like them, but being an RA you have taken on a responsibility to put your needs to the side for a moment and help another Brenau sister (or brother) and that is why I love being an RA. Because being an RA is thinking less of yourself and more of others.

Being an RA is being an example. It’s being whatever your residents need in that moment. It’s being the mom away from mom. It’s being the sister they never had. It’s being the consoler when they are sad. It’s putting in a work order when their toilet clogs because I can’t be a handy man, sorry. It’s being a mediator when they can’t settle a situation. Being an RA is being there when they need you not just when they call.

Going through life you will encounter challenges that you think are impossible to complete. That challenge will look you in the eyes and tell you a million times that you aren’t good enough, that you can’t do it, that it was mistake that they picked you. All of that is false. No mistakes were made; you are good enough. That challenge is scared of you completing it. Being an RA, every day I encounter challenges that I don’t think I can complete. That make me doubt myself and make me want to convince Allison that she has made a huge mistake but every day I look that challenge in the face and I tell it a million times that I am good enough. That I can do it. That me becoming a freshman RA was not a mistake and although I have only been an RA for a week, I must say I won’t have it other way.