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When in a Long Distance Relationship

Going to college away from home is a challenge in itself, but what if you have a partner? Do you stay, should you leave? This year, I came back to school from home (which is 200 miles away) with a new boyfriend. Spencer and I had been best friends for about a year when we got together in May, and we knew what we were getting into when we decided to make it official. We knew that I would be returning to Georgia for school three months later, and we decided it would be worth it to at least try. Now, we have been together for almost 7 seven months, and we are still going strong. It’s great being with him, but it’s not easy with this distance.

So, how do we make it work? We text as much as we can, we try to have a phone call at night for a few hours before we go to bed, we countdown the days until I’m home next, and we trust each other. There is nothing in a long distance relationship if there is not trust. Those are the tips that I give to anyone who is considering a long distance relationship. Sure, we get worried that the other is going to find someone better. Yeah, we get anxious thinking about the other deciding it’s not worth it anymore to keep going with this relationship. But at the end of the day, we know that we are each other’s, and we aren’t going anywhere, and it’s a great feeling knowing that even though we are 200 miles apart, we’re still okay.

If anyone reading this is in a long distance relationship, the most important thing I can say is that if both of you are trying, and the love is still there, then there is nothing that can destroy what you have. The only thing you can blame the demise of your long distance relationship on is the fact that you, them, or both of you stopped trying. A relationship, no matter if it’s long distance or not, is a continuous effort, not a “try once and you’re golden” deal. It takes work, and of course, love triumphs all in the end.


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