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What you Won’t Get if You Aren’t an Art Student: Woodcarving

Woodblock carving is a difficult and tedious process for someone who is new to it. The process involves sketching out the design in a sketchbook to work out details, then you have to transfer the same design to the wood. This step could also just be drawn on the board itself. At least that’s what I did for my woodblock for the event Brenau is holding alongside three high schools. The best part of it all is seeing the professor drive a steamroller to print our blocks on large tapestries. The second step is to find out what you want to print the figure or the background and color it in black and then once the black is laid down you cover it with the red. The final step, carve out the red!

When it comes to woodblock carving and just creating them in general, I found it can be very peaceful and when you put yourself on a deadline to get it all done it helps with time management and you work faster, however, being an art student and being taught about craftsmanship nothing is really sacrificed, except your hand and maybe your back.. Man the cramps!

For me working on a woodblock at the same time in which I have to come up with ideas for my senior CAPSTONE for next school year had me thinking about just what I really wanted to do. As I drew out and carved my design for my woodblock I went from despising it to really love it. The look of the wood when carved with a design you can print more than once is appealing especially because when I draw something out and try and recreate it, it never works.


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