Turning Over a New Leaf

1. Get more organized.

I feel like this resolution is common among many people, but I really need to get more organized in my life. Now that I am sophomore standing at Brenau even though I am still as a first year, I feel that I got very unorganized last semester. I have actually resorted to highlighting each of my assignments in green as I finish them, and I feel that I am actually getting back on track with my life because I know exactly how much I have left to do that week.

2. Bring up that GPA.

Throughout my high school years, my GPA dropped drastically. We were on the 7-point scale so you did not make an "A" until you got a 93%. I know; stressful. I started high school with a 4.5, and I finished with a 3.5. This past semester, I had six classes instead of seven and I finished with a 3.0, so I am aiming for a much higher GPA going back to seven classes this semester.

3. Get rid of those toxic people.

I dealt with a lot of toxic people in 2017, and I mean a lot. People were dumping their toxicity left and right. I kept getting hurt by people who I trusted for years every couple of weeks. This year, that is not happening. I cannot handle all of those toxic people with my goals for my life gradually coming true as I continue to attend Brenau.

4. Get in touch with old friends.

I am a military child, so I move every couple of years. For this reason, I have said goodbye to more people than a civilian adult will in their lifetime. Just this past November, I got in touch with one of my best friends from junior high who I really have not talked to much in the past four years. I could not be happier for finally getting back in touch with her, and I know I will be happy once I start getting in touch with my other friends from my past.